Upright Rifle rack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gun_Doc, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Gents,

    Anyone in the London, south area with a buckshee upright rifle rack, the ones to hold 8 Rifles.

    Typically had laods extra at a previous unit and we scapped them, got to this unit and there is half a dozen Rifles lying on the floor.

    Tried to demand one but there are none in the system.

    Will come and collect, willing to do swapsies.

  2. Make one! Can't imagine two bits of wood with grooves cut into it being too hard to make, then just nail them to the wall and you have an upright rifle rack!
  3. I'm afraid I'm subject to shelving registers and other such pointless health and safety regulations, so it has to be the pukka gen rack.
    Besides it wouldn't look pretty next to my other Rifles racks, and everything has to look pretty for all my inspections. Bullsh1t baffles etc

    Golf one one please check pm
  4. If it has to be a pukka gen rack, why are they currently just lying in a heap on the floor? Where's your current shelf register for that?

    As for looking pretty next to your other racks - same detail, any rack would be better than a pile on the floor. :?
  5. ok, from pile on the floor please read "stood neatly next to my other rack, labeled and accounted for" and these registers are the reason I'm trawling for one on arrse.
  6. GD, Try contacting Arty Bks in Woolwich. Used to have some left over in the Garrison Stores when i was there a few years ago.
  7. Will do many thanks