upping pace, over distance....

Carrying on from my thread about running shoes....

That was prompted by the fact that I am going to put myself in for the "Sound to Narrows" event in the summer - www.soundtonarrows.org - when I go back to visit friends in the Seattle in a couple of months.

It is only a 7.5 mile race/run, so I don't need a marathon training schedule.

Now I have actually run part of that route before (the 5 mile section around "5 Mile Drive" in the park).... and my best time for that is (was) around 33 minutes. Which equates to approx 6mins 30 secs per mile, averaged over the distance.
BUT..... that was late summer last year.

Since then I went into couch mode over the festive season, barely doing enough to keep me ticking over. And in the crappy weather in last few months my running has yet to pick up fully.
Only recently (this last week) started getting out any more than 2 times a week, and onto routes of decent length... current pace has slipped back to 7 mins mile, averaged over about 6.2 miles cross-country/trails.

Now I am 37 and so not expecting Olympian times.. but would like to get back down to 6min 30 secs per mile over atleast 7 mile route by mid-June. Back 10-12 years ago, when I was doing a lot more running would average 6 min miles over a 7 mile route, but doubt I will ever see that again..

Apart increasing pace, and alternating length of route, and getting out 4 times week again....

- is there anything specific that would work
- is it worth introducing elements of interval/fartlek type stuff
- will also be back into cycling aswell in next few weeks... dont know if that will be detrimental, or helpful.

- I was planning on going out and repeatedley running up and down a hill a few times, for hill training, will that have any added benefit.

And the race starts around 9am - but what's best to eat prior to the event bearing in mind the energy release requirements... both in terms of mainmeal the night before, and breakfast on the morning of the event?

Anyway - help/advice welcomed.....
Pompey_Jock said:
- is it worth introducing elements of interval/fartlek type stuff
- will also be back into cycling aswell in next few weeks... dont know if that will be detrimental, or helpful.
Cycling is useful as cross training because you can do a lot of it without putting the same amount of strain on knee's etc because it's not load bearing. So any extra sessions you can get in cycling will be good as they will help CV fitness, but obviously you will get much more direct benefit from running.
I would think the hill runs and cycling would help with the leg stamina (surely cycling would have more strain based on the time you're doing it, I know running is more hamstring orientated and cycling quad orientated, but running up and down dale on a tail run must utilise a decent amount of quad strength/endurance).
Re cycling, if you're using clip in pedals, you'll get benefit to quads and hamstrings through using each leg throughout the rotation. If you've never tried them before, you can also get toe clips which bolt onto the front of your pedals. They're not quite so good, but still help.
I am an old 37 year old and I have found that on top of my running, bag work in the gym with a small circuit has now gave me the edge I was looking for!
Thanks to those above.....

the biggest difference is going to come from just being out running the 4 (maybe 5) times a week, rather than the sporadic 2 times which I was doing when the weather was shitty.

In line with that my relative inactivity did allow a couple of pounds to creep on.. nothing major, but enough that I notice a difference when propelling myself up a hill.

Give it 3-4 weeks and should be back a bit closer to my old pace.

Need to get some inner tubes and then will get the mountain biking going also.

And although I wont have any serious gym/heavy bag work - as someone suggested - I used to have a programme at home of general exercises and light/medium weights.... just need to add in a bit of 'toning' with all that.
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