Upper Leg Muscle Groups

Now then, I am currently training for selection( no date given yet) and I am building up my running times. Something I've noticed is when i set off after about 1 minute my upper leg muscle ( quadriceps/hamstring) become very heavy. Now my question is, is it a case of just keep running and the legs will get stronger or shall I add muscle to the legs at the gym? (doing weights ETC) Thanks
Do both. Running is the best cardiovascular exercise there is. It will also develop muscular endurance.

To improve strength, join a good gym and put in the reps on Sqaut, Hack Squat, Leg Press etc.

Cross Training is the most efficient way to train.
christheclimber said:
how often do you run?

also, do you have a good diet?

does this feeling last for the entire run or go away after a bit?
Fantastic diet. I have just been for a 2 mile run, felt a little easier. And im inproving on time. I think I just need to keep at it. It just puzzled me as i am quite a fit lad, just out of running practice. Thanks anyway chaps.
That feeling is just the tightness running out of the muscles. Without a good warm up (more running) it is inevitable.
My point is that you need to warm up for running by running :). It doesnt make sense. So it is inevitable. The early part of the run is the *warm up*. That is where the stiffness is run off, the blood pumps, and the muscles start to expand. As you have noticed it soon eases.
1ManRiot said:
Fantastic diet.
How do you know? Post up a days diet ;~)
Lol I now feel one of your MT moments coming along. Get out the red pen and clear your desk and upnorthfighter prepare for a diet overhaul.
1ManRiot said:
Gedge said:
1ManRiot said:
Fantastic diet.
How do you know? Post up a days diet ;~)
Lol I now feel one of your MT moments coming along. Get out the red pen and clear your desk and upnorthfighter prepare for a diet overhaul.
1ManRiot made a good point, how do you know your diet is good? Is it low in fat? Do you snack? You can't just say you have a good diet. Unless you were trying to make us think your not a fat fcuker in which case thats fine! 8)
cereal in the evening....you clearly have far deeper problems my friend.

apart from that, a sandwhich isnt very much if you're doing a lot of exercise.
and soup tends to be fairly low calories.

if you can get lots of carbs down you at lunch it will help.

also, carbs soon after exercise helps recovery, followed by more carbs after a few hours (usually a meal, unless you have your meals stupidly far apart). obviously some protein after exercise, like a glass of milk or milkshake or something, but even pasta has protein in it, so you may not need to specially add this.

the main problem with a lightish lunch is it doesnt add any or even eats away at the energy you want for exercise. you want to stock up on carbohydrates throughout the day.

think of your food intake like you would a fire.
if your keeping a fire going, you dont chuck a couple of logs on in the morning, then chuck one piece of coal on at midday and then chuck a load on in the evening. its the same principle. you cant have a big meal after exercise to compensate for a small one before it, because the damage is already done.
Ok - time to chuck a 'buzz word in'

Low GI foods ie those that take forever to burn off, wholegrains etc, are better than lots of processed carbs (like bread) so your cereal is good - if its not cocopops but as chris 't' climber says stock up early in the day, and if you need to eat later in the day eat lettuce then (it has 'stuff' in that help you sleep too!!)

warm ups are about increasing your heart and breathing rates - if you do this properly ie get your heart rate up to over 60% max heart rate (220-your age to find it) before you run (by brisk walk then gentle jog) your muscles will have the blood/oxygen supply they need for exercise.

also please bear in mind that the one thing you will need for selection above speed (apart from being mentally tough or just mental) is stamina, strength and to be completely free of injury before you go. I've picked up the pieces many times when people have ignored those 'niggles' through training only to have things go 'ping' a couple of weeks in and had to RTU through injury.

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