Upper Class Twits Exist??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jul 13, 2005.

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  1. Is there a hunting season or do tourists just come and gawk?

    read about Daymer Bay, Cornwall where hundreds of Brit public school 'students' spend their nights boozing, starting fires and urinating and vomiting in doorways. The hordes include sons and daughters of judges, politicians and ' minor' royalty. It's in the Independent Newspaper so it must be true .. right? ..
    Apparently Harry and Willam have been ' seen' there..

    Locals have beefed up surveillance, hired security guards and four uniformed plods have been assigned to a regular beat there each night..
    In response spokesperson for the ' youths', 16 year old ' Alex ' says: " It's [ the response ] is so over the top. They are picking on us because we are toffs..there's so many police [ 4 ] it's like East Germany " [ at least the kid seems to have studied some recent history..]

    are tour companies taking bookings..??
  2. Kicking boots and baseball bat packed. When do we leave?
  3. ^Monocle and cravat packed, can you give me a lift?
  4. No one puts out quite like posh totty
  5. Aye, this place just sounds like a cracking opportunity to pull some toffy totty....

    ....and maybe try and entrap a bird whose dad owns Lancashire or Bae or something. 8)
  6. Been going through Poppy's rubbish on her door step again GG?

    Beebs ;)
  7. Does the fact I blew you out still hurt so bad Beeb. What can I say you not my type a Poppy is many thing to many men.
  8. Ah I thought the wheelie bin had been disturbed when I put the black sack in yesterday. Thought it must be foxes - will go and oput the shotgun away........................then again maybe shootnig a few peasants will set an example
  9. How True GG, Alas unrequited love it pains the very heart of me, so sad is my mourning I pity my poor existence. :)

    Just cos she's a tall blonde GG!


  10. Nice tits to
  11. Seen, noted, evidence gathered.

  12. Unlike your which lets be frank look like two spaniel ears
  13. You are cruel GG