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Hey all,
I'm worried about my upper body strength!
I'm midway through the application process,just waiting for my 1st interview date. I can pump out the sit ups piece of urine and the run is no problem whatsoever but I just can't seem to do the chin ups or push ups.
Has anyone got any tips/ideas on what I can do to get strong quick?
Or is it just a case of hard graph for a month or so?
Practice different variations of pressups, and do sets of as many as you can do 3-4 times a day. Also when you go to the toilet you could also bang out a few pressups or situps. For chin ups, get a chin up bar, put it in your doorway, then everytime you enter your room do as many as you can.
If youve got weights start training on them at a low weight per arm say, 3kg and then build it up on there over a period of time which you think fits best. If you havent got any weights lying around you could try the gym, some do temporary membership for a few months, so that would be good for the few months/weeks before selection. Failing both of these just build up the amount of press ups and use your imagination and do pull ups down the park or something like that :)
my old man put up a ten of the best bar in the front room...he'd put shite tv on and if i wanted to watch footy i'd give him any number up to 10 tht he wanted of what he wanted!!

i never really bother with it and find in 2-3 weeks you can girth the required number... just do lots and lots for lots of days and then do lots more!! plus my local chippy let me girth some spud bags round the chipping room!! awesome phys and remember when it pulls you stop with arms because biceps are very easy to tear and harder to repair and you dont want that so close!
Same here OP, sit ups are easy. Just whenever you think about press-ups, do a load, and really squeeze them out. It takes a while for the ability to do any decent amount of reps to come, but when it does come, you'll have an almost daily improvement.
2 months hard work, minimum. Use your own body weight to train, do press ups, pull ups, tricept dips etc...unless you are a skinny wee thing in which case do some free weights.

There is no quick solution I am afraid! I'm trying to lose weight and improve my fitness and upper body strength all at the same time! Fcukin arrse!


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Ensure that, in addition to the "lots and lots" course of action prescribed by many here, you do have rest days. This will allow the muscle to build and repair, and this is what you want.
In the words of my rugby coach "The only way to improve pressups is to practice"

Start off doing 10 pressups 3 times a day for around a week or so

Then increase that to 15 in week 2. After a month of this (increasing the amount of pressups by 5 per week) you should have 1 day where you test yourself in every aspect of your physical fitness, I am assuming you train cardio on a regular basis etc.

So after a month try 1 min pressups max effort, same with situps followed by a 1.5 mile run in your best time. Once your into a regular training pattern stick with it and test yourself on a regular basis as not only can you see the improvement but it will make you feel so much better about yourself when you see how much you have achieved.

So yeah just stick to it and don't give up mate there is no magic formula to make you a top athlete you just need to be dedicated to improving your personal fitness! :)
Didn't know you could get bars for push ups, Are they any good? I don't really have any problems with push ups, But if these are worth getting, then I'll probably get some.
1ManRiot said:
You don't need to lift weights, you simply need to practise. Using weights won't help with pressups and pullups. Practising them however, will!
i beg to differ mate. when you do push ups your using biceps, triceps, shoulders, some chest and back etc so if you go to the gym and increase your strength in all of these areas you will be able to increase the amount of push ups you can do, it is working for me at the moment.
i beg to differ mate. when you do push ups your using biceps, triceps, shoulders, some chest and back etc so if you go to the gym and increase your strength in all of these areas you will be able to increase the amount of push ups you can do, it is working for me at the moment.
No biceps or back involved in push ups. Anyone that is completely under-trained (no prior history of progressive consistent resistance training) will experience some gains in their press ups transferred over from gym work, but that will soon plateau.

Muscular strength is different from muscular endurance - the former you are training your muscle (groups) to exert (near) maximal force for (typically) 1-5 repetitions, the latter to exert a sub-maximal force for a (typically) high number of repetitions. The subsequent training will affect the physiology & performance capabilities of your muscles - which is why your gym work should be tailored for what the army needs.

Cliff notes version: Like the others have said, if you want to get good at press ups, practice doing them & gradually increasing the number of reps you do.
well i aint going to argue with that lool. you do make sense though. but i think if you get the right mix of gym and practicing push ups you'll be ok.
because i couldn't do any push ups a month ago (chest touching floor) but now i can do 10, but i have been practicing them too though.
Gym isn't going to hurt, but it's not essential. And I've always believed pressups worked your upper lats at least a little? Have I been horribly misled?

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