upper body training.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lil-Riflem4n, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Hello All :D

    ive got my selection some time next month...
    i trained hard for around 2 months and then i went through a fase where i just couldnt be bothered but im getting back into training now..

    does anyone no any good training i could use to build my upperbody up..
    atm im doing bicep/tricep work and ab work. but i want to build my shoulders and pec's up now....... anyhelp required.. thanks in advanced
  2. Press-ups; as many as possible, morning and night. And keep at them
  3. followed by press-ups and rope climbing
  4. you're trying to build up your upper body and have only just felt the need to include your chest and shoulders?

    stop training mirror muscles and focus on moving your bodyweight around for hours and hours.

    press ups
    sit ups
    chin ups

    vary the grip you use, vary the width of your hands, alternate sides with sit ups, when your doing an exercise, take your mind off of it by thinking of ways you could change it.

    a good core training idea i use for time to time is to go outside..grab an old tyre and a sledgehammer and spend 30 seconds knocking the s''t out of the tyre. then rest for a minute. then spend another 30 seconds hitting the tyre. repeat that for half an hour. next morning, get someone to lift you out of bed and dress you, cos you won't be moving yourself for s''t!

    Do this whilst listening to some form of heavy metal and by the end you'll feel like a god!
  5. Ah sledge hammer training.

    My forearms ache just thinking about it.
  6. i'll take sledgehammer training over anger management any day.
    talking to a therapist with more degrees than i can count or a hammer, a tyre and iron maiden?
    'ol reliable gets the vote every time!