Upper Body Strength

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by kfcno1, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Trying to get my piss poor fitness up to scratch and this may sound ridiculous but at this point there's now way in hell I could pull myself up a rope, my upperbody strength is bugger all.

    Looking for any excercises, tips etc etc to build this up

  2. If you just relying upon your arms to get you up a rope you're doing it wrong. You should be employing the use of your feet too. Excuse the link, it's a bad example (US Latrines) but you get the jist of it.


  3. "Climbing ropes like the Marines do" LMFAO !!! We learn to climb ropes that way in primaryschool. It's called schipperslag in Dutch.
    There's nothing special about it. Easy as fcuk.
  4. In theory - if your technique is right - it's your legs that do all the work. So sets of burpees done as fast as you can are the best exercise for rope climbing.
    In practise, most people don't have ideal technique and even those who do will find that their feet slip occasionally or they are on a thinner rope than they're used to. So bang out a load of pull ups.

    If you've got scrawny arms and can't manage more than a couple at a time, try to find a low bar (a gate or a bit of a childs playground maybe) where you can do inclined pull ups (like a reverse press up, hang under the bar with your heels on the floor, keep your body straight, pivot on the heels.) Once you can do a reasonable number of them you can switch back to real pull-ups.
  5. kfcno1 we have a machine in our local gym that I found helpful. It's basically a pull up bar with weights below it that you set to your body weight then deduct say 10% then which meens your only pulling 10% of your body weight at the start. you can then remove more and more weight and you graduly build up your upper body strength.

    Not sure if i'm the best for advice on fitness as i'm a fatty at the mo but that will all change.

    Good luck mate.
  6. Thanks guys. I am a scrawny girl just now but i'll give all ur tips a go and hopefully i'll begin to be able to pull my body weight up by my arms.

  7. lol good luck :strong:
  8. use a lateral pull down machine!