Upper body imbalance after long rehab

Evening gents.

Doing core stability exercises in front of a mirror today I realise I had one shoulder/ arm/upper body area of Arnie, the other looks like it's come off a 17 year old recruit

I had a traumatic elbow rebuild 2006 since then it has been at various stages of stability. I,ve constantly worked it in the gym but in conjuction with the other side

Just diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis I've been smashing the gym for weight loss and just to **** the arthritis........

Looking at my rippling muscles I've realised 5 years of gym/fitness have led to a definite build up/bulk up in the right side and a shrinking on the left

Question is what or how do I train to naturally bring the left up to full power size and essenceness.

Sound simple but I'm sure it's a trick question and there are specific techniques

Thoughts please
Left handed wanking - no need to thank me.
If you left hand **** me I'm not sure there will be much change

We can give it a try though


Work the injured side independently to the other as it may be compensating for it, had a similar issue with my knees in which one was over compensating cause persistent groin injuries.
Use one weight for each hand? Just use dumbells instead of a bar.
Seek an independant opinion via a chiropractor. If it's as noticeable as you describe, there's every likelyhood that you've also misaligned your skeletal frame. This needs to be brought back into 'balance' as a matter of priority before you commence to throw weights around again. It's become an old refrain of mine when I say that anyone involved in regular physical exercise should have an annual MOT with a chiropractor or a related skills person to check out their stance, gait flexibility etc.

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