Upper arm strength

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by error_unknown, Aug 6, 2002.

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  1. Whats the best way to build upper arm and shoulder strength?
  2. carry a bus on your shoulders everyday.
  3. That will help me with pressups?
  4. oh - pressups?
    make sure you do them over a pile of steaming dog poo, that'll make you do pressups!
  5. Hmmmm interesting thought.... I do them at the moment with my feet pressed against the wall but I don't know if thats dangerous for the spine and it'd obviously get compressed.
  6. you're talking to the wrong person here.
    The day I become a PTI is the day that men can have babies!!
  7. You'd make a very persuasive PTI I bet!
    Whats the going rate for pressups a min?  20-25 about right?
  8. I think so, I think we as women, the weaker sex, have to do approx 45 in 2 mins - I think anyway.
  9. Do you find that easy or difficult that number?
  10. easy - but as wimmin, we are allowed to have our knees on the floor and our lower legs crossed.
    Messes your womb up if we do it like the men.

    I await shower of 'sexual discrimination/equality' comments......
  11. Sexual discrimination?  I'm fine without a womb of my own thanks!
  12. you're better off without one - messy, globby things!
  13. Thank you for that lovely image.  Uuurgh
  14. quickest way to get rid of a bloke that's pestering you in a club/bar etc, start talking about periods and blobs and menstrual blood and all those lovely things that go with it  ;D ;D
  15. I remember the Jasper Carrot sketch where he said when he was younger his dad told him a menstrual cycle was something only girls had.  For years he thought it meant one without a cross bar and a shopping basket on the front.