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Upper airway problem advice needed.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SLUDGE, May 23, 2013.

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  1. Hi all.

    Ill be brief. 3 months now i have had this upper airway irritation , trachea plus nasal stuffiness and coughing not heavy just boughts at certain times of day especially when weather changes or I am driving in my truck , the airway irritation has been there 24/7 for last 3 months the only relief i get is airways chewing gum and a bit of vicks in a bowl of water inhalation but doesnt clear the airway feeling which is hard to describe . . Doc seems to think it acid reflux , been on tabs 2 months Omeprazole 20 mg daily , no effect what so ever , told him they don't work all I get is give them a couple of more weeks , getting pretty pissed off as its not clearing and I think im getting chinned off . Never had indigestion or heartburn no bad stuff in throat , wake up in morning feeling better untill i stand up then hey ho the irritation is still there . Breathing ok lungs have been listened too , not out of breath , exercising still good no coughing after . Blood test all ok . sputum test ok Angina blood test ok dont smoke eat healthy and i drink only at weekends not a big drinker just a few pints . . Swimming regularly no effect on stamina or breathing . I feel as if this is never going to clear I am hoping the onset of good weather might shift it but not looking good so far , cant get to Docs on a regular basis work away all week , any one out there have or had similar symptoms so i can start looking to get this sorted .

    cheers Sludge .

    no smart arrse answers this is beginning to get me pissed of already .
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  2. You could perhaps look at the symptoms of hiatus hernia.
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  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    sticky flem which is difficult to clear? I get a form of rhinitis which means I can literally grab hold of it and pull it out. worst when I used run in dusty conditions like mare harbour.
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  4. What's anti histamine BB , willing to try anything ,

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  5. Common antihistamine's are things like hayfever remedies from the chemist.

    Other thing you could try would be something like Sinutab which reduces congestion in the nasal cavity.
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  6. What do I ask for at chemist need to get script ready , I don't get hay fever . Don't want bore the poor girl with my ailments ,

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  7. Try loratadine should be cheaper in supermarkets.
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  8. Morrisons and Tesco do their own brand Loratidine and Citirizine tablets for about 99p a pack. Piriton and Clarityn are other branded ones. It's worth a try, not necessarily hay fever but it could be an allergic response to something you haven't associated symptoms with, like deodorant or air freshener.

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  9. Just bought some piriteze , . Lets see how that progresses thanks for input guys .

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  10. Any sinus pain? Excessive mucus maybe (post-nasal drip)? I would try a sinus/nasal wash to see if symptoms improve (there might be some inflammation). There's a product on the net called NeilMed Sinus Rinse - sachets of sodium bicarb dissolved in a plastic squeeze bottle then you rinse out your nasal passages. You can buy the kit from Amazon/e-bay. I use it regularly. Would advise against Loretidine also would suggest you ask your GP for a anti-histamine at prescription dosage (10mgs per day is useless). I suspect that as you present no symptoms of acid reflux then the possibility of a hiatus hernia is probably quite small (maybe).

    Omeprazole, Lansoprazole are proton pump inhibitors generally prescribed for Acid Reflux!! Go to your GP with a stomach problem and sure as eggs is eggs they will prescribe one of them - guaranteed. Get off this drug asp! I'm no doctor just a patient (renal failure, renal transplant, prostate cancer) and must take buckets of ******* drugs every day! I'm prescribed Aspirin and, as it can cause stomach bleeding and other digestive complications, I must take Lansoprazole to counter the ******* aspirin which counters the bloody XYZ and so forth! I've been on them for years plus all the other stuff to keep my transplanted kidney going so because of the many physical/mental/emotional and hormonal changes caused by cancer and renal disease I know full well the possible long term side effects of Omeprazole and Lansoprazole, one of which is Gynaecomastia in men which is no ******* laughing matter for a bloke, particularly 100% male types. So, just for that rare side effect I would bin the little ******* and tell your GP to pull their finger out! You will have gathered that I spend most of my time a. taking medication and b. explaining to GPs that I've forgotten more about renal disease and prostate cancer than they'll ever know. It's YOUR body so tell them so and don't be fobbed off. The stupid general public tend to put their GPs on a pedestal. I don't so I expect them to do their bloody job as they would expect me to. Three months is far too long for your symptoms to persist especially as the pollen season has only just kicked off. The doctor is being lazy, give him a wake-up and as there is no improvement request an immediate referral to ENT. Good luck.
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  11. Bin the Piritize, you have AIDS and will soon be dead
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  13. Loaratidine at 10mg is the same strength as on prescription.

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