Upper Age Question Again (Can You Be Attested 43)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Taggs101, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi does anyone have a definitive answer with regards to the upper age limit for joining the TA ?

    I know that it states on the army website that the upper age 43, but I have also read on at least one post that you have to be attested before their 43rd birthday.

    Can anbody please clarify this, hopefully with the offical rules and regs etc, rather than suggesting I just pop down to my local unit and ask, as I would like to have my facts in place before I do so.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    From TA Regs:

    5.024. Adult Entry. Recruits may be enlisted between the ages of 17½ and 43 or the upper age limits given in Annex C/5.


    TA Group A

    1. New Entrants.
    a. Minimum Age. Young soldiers aged 17-17½ years may be enlisted into all corps.
    b. Maximum Age. The upper age limit for enlistment for all new entrants to Group A, with effect from the 1 April 2007 is 43 years; candidates are to be attested before their 43rd birthday. Exceptions to this ruling for soldiers in specific employments are shown at paras 9 - 15.
    c. Final Approval of Enlistment. The officer in charge of TA & Res MCM Div is the sole authority for the final approval of enlistments and re-engagements (see paras 5.090, 5.144 and 5.146).
  3. But Crab TA (RauxAF) will take you up to 51st birthday (56th with previous militery experience), and that includes the Regiment.
  4. Thanks for that bit of gen, 4th_of_foot. I'm already 43, so knew I was too old for the TA. I got in touch with the RAuxAF via their website last night, so now I'm waiting for an invitation to pop over to Lyneham for a look round and a chat. :D

    Edited for wrong name (it was the picture of the dog that threw me, honest!)
  5. The 43 age limit is only if you have no previous Military experience, if you do then thats raised to 56
  6. msr

    msr LE



    2. Ex-Regular Soldiers. Soldiers with former regular service may be attested after their 43rd birthday and will have a reduced engagement to allow service up to the age of 55 years.

    3. Normal Retirement Age. The normal retirement age (NRA) for all ranks is 55 years; soldiers being discharged on the day before their 55th birthday. This allows the completion of an initial 12 year engagement for those enlisting just before their 43rd birthday. Different retirement ages for soldiers in specific employments are shown at paras 9 - 15.

    4. Extensions of Service. Service beyond the NRA at age 55 years may be authorised in exceptional cases for one year at a time on the authority of DM(A).
  7. Depending on your preference, Brize Norton might be a better bet (and your location of course). Lyneham is Aeromedical Evacuation (unless you're already a C130 pilot), but Brize has FP/Regt/Movers etc. Or maybe Benson with the HSU, who have a number of trades.
  8. Lyneham's much nearer to me than Brize or Benson. I'd expressed a preference for the Regiment, and the website told me that there were Regt roles available within 4626 Sqn. Early days yet, so I'll have plenty of chances to find out exactly what's what.
  9. I stand corrected Mate. I know a couple of people at Lyneham, and thought that Aeromed was all they did.

    Of course, long term, it's all supposed to be moving to Brize in 2012 anyway.
  10. No worries - like I said, it's early days so I've got lots of time to make sure I'm where I want to be.

    As for the move to Brize - there'll almost certainly be a change of Gov by then, and the Tories have already committed themselves to an SDR. Interesting to see what comes from that in terms of infrastructre & estate.
  11. Fair enough Mate, hope it all works out. I found the system a bit slow, but I've enjoyed the training. The Regiment do everyone's basic, and they are a great bunch and treat you well provided you put the effort in.

    You could well be right about the move, and it's a while off anyway.

    Let me know how you get on.
  12. Apropos of very little, my bezzie mate rejoined in January after being out 8 years. How I laughed when he had to go to ITC... How I wet myself when he realised he was now a Private... How much stick is he getting for having one of those new "300" numbers... A 41 year old crow... Mega
  13. Just a quick reply, just joined TA,will be attested on Friday, I'm 45 with 12 years forces experience, (been out since 92), Recruiter said OK at interview, but needed permission from higher authority