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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dunc, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. I'm a newspaper journalist and, thanks to the recession, have been laid off twice in the last six months. I'm beginning to think I need to change career and have been looking at becoming an officer.

    I'm concerned though as I will be 26 next month. I know that the upper age limit for joining is 29 but have heard that the Army is reluctant to take on older applicants. Can anyone tell me if that is the case?
  2. Before you all start, stick to answers please, no jibes about journos!

    Dunc call in the ACIO for a chat or try the Army website live chat.
  3. For what it's worth (not much I know) I'm 27 and I've had no problems at all so far. As mentioned though, go speak to someone at the ACIO for a definitive answer.
  4. I'm heading to my local ACIO tomorrow Disco, I'm just looking for some extra info, if there is any.

    And don't worry about the journo jibes, I'm (pretty) sure I've heard them all before.
  5. well mate i'm 26 on friday and i just got in the Engineers but i have to say i was the oldest at selection. don't worry about the age thing, just go for it.
  6. 33 is the upperage limit
  7. Not for officer
  8. Your age should pose no problem to you joining, but as said already, speak to a recruiter at your local careers office for the final answer.

    Good luck, and bid the dark side farewell! ;)
  9. you have plenty of time pal and the upper age limit is your 33rd birthday you have to start your phase 1 training by that date. go for it mate good luck not that you will need it.
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Right you lot, RTFQ! He's interested in becoming an officer for which the upper age limit is 29 not 33 which is the age limit for soldier entry. :x
  11. was gonna say its either 26 or 29 lol. I wasnt too sure which and thought id wait for MOD Involvement and bask in the warmth of being 50% right lol
  12. Hi

    My inital age when I started showing interest was 2 months into being 25. I fluffed my inital main board so all going to plan I will be 27 and 1 month when I take my next main board.
    There were guys where I was staying the night prior to attending the main board that were 27 and 28. I know of one guy who was 28 and a few months when I was on a familiarisation course last february and he entered Sandurst in January, about 4 weeks before his 29th birthday.

    So to summerise, don't worry about it.
  13. dunc - check your pms
  14. Best of luck to ya Dunc mate. Fingers crossed for ya