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With the new upper age limit now raised and the option of serving to 55 ,how does this effect everyone serving now.I am due to leave leave in nov this year having completed 22 years will i have an option to continue to serve beyond 22 years.
I am in the same boat as you,i am also due to leave in November, from what i have been told is we won't qualify for the extended engagement as it doesn't come into force till after we have left.

But if anyone has any further info, then please tell.



At least someone else agrees ith me, surely the option must be given.I happen to work within a training environment am fully FE current in MATTs and can pass all mandatory physical test well within the timescale(as lots of people can) and also current within my particular trade set.I find it increasingly disgusting that younger JNCOand SNCOs that attend career courses can not pass a simple fitness test(injury aside), the trend is increasing and given the fact that for most this is there final career course there fitness will not improve in the vast majority of cases. With todays current Ops the question needs to be asked who would you rather have?and before anyone jumps in i am prepared for civvi life (unlike some) I (believe it or not ) enjoy the Army and simply wish to stay in a 40 year old can still offer a great deal of experience.

Any thoughts?
The extension for service comes into effect in 08, so it looks like you will miss out pwrmn. With all due respect, at the time you signed on you knew that the maximum you could serve in the ranks is 22 years. I understand that everyone will eventually move onto similar career maning points similar to the RAF, ie if you do not make a certain rank by a certain time period then off you go. I also believe that only certain people will be eligable for continued service on time limited contracts anyway, so there is no guarantee you would have been granted it. As has been mentioned, have you thought about LSL? I personaly am looking forward to getting out and doing something different
Ohh, I am out in oct 09 and cant wait for them to ask me to stay so I can tell them where to shove it.


Drain Sniffer is correct. The Versitile Engagement contract comes in Jan 08, which is in brief, A new type of engagement that everyone joining from then will only initially be contacted/signed up for 12 years.
Once a certain rank/qualification is achieved and remains FE and wanted then they will be offered to extend to to a full engagement of 24 years. And then again once a certain rank/qualification is achieved and remains FE and wanted then they will be offered to extend to to an extended engagement, which would take them to 30 years service or 55 years old, whichever comes first. The extended engagement is reviewed every 6 years thereafter if it was the 30 years service that came first. Which in theory is just the LSL.

I know this does not help, as you will be out by then, unless you do get on the LSL that is. But for all those still in at that point then I'm afraid we are and will remain on the contract that we are on at the moment (22 yrs), but the Extended Engagement can be offered to us if applicable after Jan 08.

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