Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by in_the_butts, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. When looking on the Army website about rejoining it says that ex regular members may rrejoin provided that the end of their 22 years service does not go beyond the armys upper age limit.

    Does the 22 years take into account previous service?

    Whats the upper age limit?
  2. not sure, but from 18 the max you can serve to is 55 (full 37 year pension) it may be that :? :? :? :?
  3. Thanks for the answer think you are probably right.

    So with rejoining i know that everyone goes on the new pension scheme but does the pension clock start from zero again or do you carry on from where you left off for example after 13 years. ??????
  4. It all depends on WHICH pensions scheme yu are told to join. If it is the old one then it is continued, if the new one then if start from zero. You end up with 2 pensions pots, unless they let you transfer the old one into the new one.
  5. So if I assume that its the new pension scheme.

    I am 32 now with 13 years previous service, if I apply to rejoin does the army lookat me thinking 'can this bloke do 22 years from now in the army and still be 55 at the end of that service'.

    Or does in this example the Army take into account my previous service.
    Or is the Army website wrong
    Or is each case judged differently

    Or ect ect ........

  6. your pension carries on and on reenlisting you will be asked do u wish to remain on the old scheme or transfer over to the new one
  7. Don't believe you are right mate, if you rejoin after Jul 2005, all rejoiners go onto the new scheme. All old service will count. I'll find a link in a minute.

    Edit - here it is:

  8. in that case i offer my appologies and give way to those with the more up to date knowledge

    i reenlisted in 2001 so maybe a little out of touch