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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by SlimeyToad, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. What is the upper age limit for joining the TA?

    I believe the RAFVR take people up to 55 years of age but have not been able to get any reliable information on the TA.

    At 48, would the ability to still pass a BFT and 12 years previous Regular Army (SNCO) and 4 years TA (JNCO) experience count?

    I know I could pop down the Careers Office but I thought I'd ask the troops on the ground first.

    Cheers for any info.
  2. RAUXAF take entrants at that limit , TA I believe are cut off at 43 on enlistment,though someone who knows more may correct that. Some specialist units may consider you at that age if you have a certain skillset they desperately need?
  3. I hope things have changed drastically for the TAs. In '81 I saw two guys forced to tears when they applied for re-enlistment & were told that they were too old at 43, even tho' both of them had been in the mob for years!
  4. The new (as of end of last year) ages are as follows

    No Previous Military Experience: 43
    Previous Military Experience: 56

    However, the upper 56 age is often up to the unit, i.e. is someone comes in with 1 years TA experience in the mid eighties might not be enough, but 12 yrs reg and 4 TA should be more than enough. The big question however us when did you leave, we have a guy at the moment trying to join who left when they still had SLRs which leaves a rather large skills gap.

    Please DO NOT go to the ACIO, they will probably quote 34 to you, check out the local units and speak directly, if you get the FO pill from one unit, try another, believe me there is a unit out there for you, if they claim 36 is the upper for previous exp, argue it as they are seriously out of date.

    Good luck what area are you looking BTW
  5. Many thanks for the very helpful information.

    I'm actually formulating a Plan B (joining the TA is part of that plan) as I'm currently working overseas but may be returning to the UK early next year.

    I served TA 1980 - 82, Regular service 82 - 94 and TA 94 - 96 and trained on the SLR and SA80 as well as the Bow & Arrow.

    I'm very flexible as to where I go in the UK - my industry (aviation - flight training) is beginning to suffer the effects of the financial downturn but I'm also a well qualified and experienced Health & Safety and Quality Manager and there is currently a demand for these skills in both Regular and TA units so I'm hoping that there will be a unit out there somewhere which could use my skillset, although I think these are probably going to be NRPS roles which I'm open to.

    Thanks again.

  6. The only exception to this is UKSF(R) who, for obvious reasons, still set the age limit at 34 with previous military experiance.

    Also, 4 Para on their website state the age limit is 44, but I think that means you can join up until that age, but not when you actually are 44.

    Good luck, mate. :)
  7. Whether you can join or should join at 48yrs of age are two different questions.

    You have been out of the Army for at least 12 years, this means (whether you agree or not) that you WILL have to undergo selection and your basic training again.

    Not knowing you personally I cannot comment on you, however, I certainly would not want to put my body through the rigours of Ph1/2 training when I was nearing 50yrs old. Do you really want to spend 6 weekends plus in a 30 man room with recruits potentially 30 years younger than you?

    It is commendable that you want to use your civilian skills in the Army, realisticly you will be a private no matter what your previous military experience was. With JPA you WILL have to complete all relevant courses for promotion, no short cuts nowadays. So chances are you will not be in a position to be able to use your civilian skills as a private. Also forget your old Army number as JPA will issue you a shiny new '300' number.

    In regard to an NRPS post, in effect you would have to apply for an NRPS post in a similar fashion to applying for a civilian job and go for interviews/boards accordingly. That is of course if there is an NRPS post available near you.

    If you are working abroad regularly, can you offer the Territorial Army the commitment?

    Have you considered applying to the ACF to be an adult instructor instead?
  8. Good points FP,

    Why on earth would I wish to subject myself to such 'torments'?

    Whilst I readily admit the physical side of things would probably do me in I do honestly quite like the idea of the challenge - but ask me the same question half way though the first beasting session; you may just get a different answer. 8O

    As for the rest, I work with people much younger than me on a daily basis and regularly have to cope with teenagers and early 20-somethings that always seem to think they know better than their instructor (me!).

    I am confident enough that I can hold my own with the youngsters (outside the gym, that is!!)

    The situation is a tad more complicated - the H&S Adviser jobs on offer through ArmyNet MSWeb are not NRPS but 5 year contracted, commissioned FTRS (HC) posts for which the applicant either needs to be in the TA or on Reserve list. I am no longer TA and my reserve liability is up. The reserve liability status cannot be changed so the only way (apparently) that I could apply for one of these positions is to join the TA, preferably a unit that also requires a H&S Adviser.

    I think I need to speak to the powers that be directly about this. Maybe they can point me at a unit that can help.

    As for working overseas, it is the downturn in the industry that is forcing me to return to the UK and it is a 5 year contract so that won't be an issue.


  9. is this a hard and fast rule? has anybody who has completed a full regular career ever been permitted to join UKSF(R) at say aged 40?
  10. I think They MIGHT make an exception if you had a specific skill-set they needed and/or extensive prior Regular Service. Of course, every case would be decided on it's own merits.

    It's also possible they might offer you a job with UKSF(R)but not as an Operator. They are always interested in fully-trained Drivers, Clerks, Green Slime etc.

    If you're interested, go for it; if you don't ask, you don't get.

    And if they say yes - then the best of luck, mate! :D
  11. All sorted out with a simple 2 minute phone call!!

    Thanks again for your assistance and comments, troops. Much appreciated.

  12. msr

    msr LE

    And.... what did they say?

  13. It was a lot more straightforward than I'd thought.

    Simply apply for the position and if successful, on appointment it's back on to the reserve list for the duration of the contract.

    Pension is suspended during the contract and being FTRS(HC) there are no rights to service accommodation or medical services.

    But there is no requirement to join the TA.