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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bibo_boy, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. I was having a "debate" last night and wanted to get something settled!!!

    Does anyone know the upper age limit on joining army?

    Is it 29 and 11 months?

    If some is in the TA can they transfer in or do they have to FTRS then transfer?
  2. Depend on the trade, some AMS trades upper age limit is 33.
  3. It depends on which capbadge you wish to join - they all have different age limits for direct enlistment onto an open engagement.

    TA may join straight from the TA, and can be offered either an open or S Type engagement - or can join via FTRS as another option.

    Hope that settles it?
  4. Yes it does depend, I know for a Driver or Air Despatch, Port Operator, Medic is 29 11 months, Army Air Corps is 27, and the rest I don't know, but if u are slightly too old they can always do a thing called an Age Waiver, soory not much help but thats all I know.
  5. I'm 33 at the mo. a L/Cpl and was interested in packing civi up but can't really afford to FTRS it as would mean loosing the house!!! :cry:

    If I transfered in would I be able to get accomodation for me and family?

    Or is this all a non-starter?

    Thanks so far :lol:
  6. if your on FTRS you become entitled to married accommodation - assuming you are married. I lived next door to a bloke in Aldershot who was ftrs and had a quarter.

  7. COOL!!! This looks promising!!! Glad I asked :lol:

    Down to the careers office then!
  8. Whoa!

    Sorry, but no. If you have an FTRS (Full Commitment) contract, then you're entitled to SFA, but these are rocking-horse sh*t at the moment. The best you're likely to get is FTRS (Limited Commitment) - full pay but no SFA - or more likely FTRS (Home Commitment) - no SFA and no X-factor, so a cut in regular pay of about 13%.

    However, at 33 you may be eligible for an S-Type engagement which carries a longer contractual obligation but gives full Service entitlement (essentially, you leave the TA and become a Regular but with a limited career path).

    I hope that's clear.