Upper age limit on becoming an infantry officer

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering what the upper age limit is to get a commission as an officer in an infantry regt?

    I have looked on the official website and it tells you upper age limits for some careers but not an infantry officer.

    Thanks in advance
  2. It used to be 26!
  3. Two sides to this coin:

    1. You can arrive at RMAS at 29 in order to commission when you are 30, but RMAS are encouraging people to arrive before they are 27;

    2. Regiments have an ideal in their minds that pl comds are young and have little or no baggage. Some regiments will not look at people who are older than average but other regiments will select regardless of age.

    Current RMAS average age is 23.

    There is no formal policy - just general practice which is different from regt to regt.
  4. We had one guy arrive at our Regt (RA) aged 29 and got married when we were in Iraq and was meant to be with us.

    Nice guy though and does cracking food when we gnome him at his pad!

  5. Regimental differences are very true. One chap I know was rejected by a regiment that I was also looking at because he was 'too old' (c. 26 I think) LI were more than happy to sponsor him though.