Uploading outlook mails to Tiscali webmail?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Goku, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. I’m hoping there’s some geeks I can get some help from.

    Over Christmas my cousin asked me to take a look at his computer.
    The apparent problem was “my outlook emails aren’t working properly”.
    I took a look and his outlook wasn’t even configured so with him watching and providing me with his username/password I set up outlook for him and left it downloading his emails. Now what he really meant was that he accesses his mail via Tiscali webmail and his web browser was slow…
    He’d never used outlook before and didn’t know what it was :roll:

    I mistakenly assumed he’d used the right terminology and that his outlook was just having issues with his profile, so I just left it downloading his mail.
    Unfortunately after downloading his mail outlook then removed it from the Tiscali webmail server.

    He’s now stressing that his mail can no longer be viewed from his webmail account and I cant figure out how to restore it.

    I’ve tried contacting Tiscali technical support however I cant seem to get past their 1st line support in India (who are useless), they also claim they don’t take backups of users emails so they cant be restored.
    This strikes me as a really poor way to run a technology company… anyhoo

    Does anyone know of a way I can upload mail from outlook 2000 to a webmail account or better yet know how I can get in touch with 2nd/3rd line support for Tiscali?

    Google is not my friend right now.
  2. This shows how to transfer contacts to Webmail, but for emails it may not be simple. The easiest method may be to forward emails to the webmail account, and configure Outlook to not delete from the server when readng mail.

    (Note this refers to Outlook Express so some options may differ for Outlook but the principle is the same)

  3. msr

    msr LE

    There is a setting in Outlook which will prevent messages from being deleted from the server.

  4. Get mozilla Thunderbird 3 and set that up, much easier and better than outlook or webmail
  5. I found that one after the event :D

    Experience comes with fcukups!

    I shall have a play with the mail exporting option I noticed from the screen dumps in tommikkas link
  6. My cousin is 69, I wouldn't want to confuse the poor chap
  7. Which is probably why I learned so much :)
  8. Tee hee, my Dad is 68 and just gone on the interweb, all he seems to do is look at google earth and phone me.