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Uploading of images/videos via mobile phone

Seeing as most people take their phone's out with them on Ex/on the urine, to capture those Kodak moments like when their oppo is hanging, kicking and screaming in a cam net during an after dark cam and concealment session in the oulo!

Is there a feasible facility to upload images/videos, straight from mobile phones? Instead of having to use a mobile file manager?

Benefits include: up-to-the-minute visuals from colleagues on tour (where permitted). And it would be more accessible to those who can't upload image due to lack of floppy drives et al.

Just a thought, don't worry, I don't have many!!
Ah, I was on about setting up a number to text in said images for those of us without the luxury or dongles and USB pens.

I can access a floppy drive at home, but when it comes to uploading, I can't transfer them on to the comp I use to waste all my time on ARRSE!!
eSeL said:
If you've a memory card reader on your printer and a memory card in your phone, Robert's your father's brother
:plotting: Could be done - sneaky stealth missions style I guess - will have to look in the admin office.
Was flicking around Faceparty at the weekend (oh that old chestnut!!) and they've got the facility to text in your image/video to upload to your profile, direct from your mobile. No need to have access to a file manager, USB or card reader or even the internet for that matter....I think it could come in handy for boys and girls in the sandpit (and the likes) who don't have internet access but want to upload images.
I think that you should try and make a bigger point of this to the COs (unless you have already of course).

I'm sure with all their technical wisdom it wouldn't be too hard for them to set up and Arrse number. But then of course would it actually be worth the amount of photos sent in? Sounds like an idea though.

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