Uplink Engineer

Good afternoon all,

I am looking for an experienced Satellite communication Engineer. You must come from a technician backgroudn not operator. Hopefully will be a Class 1, Royal Signals would be perfect.

Starting salary £22k (£35k OTE)

Let me know.

The basic salary is £22k however on top of this you get client day pay so the harder you work the more money you earn effetively. Realistically in your first year you will be earning £35k - £37k.
That sounds a little better.

Where is it? What systems? What company?
My client is based in London and is a leading broadcaster. You will be deployed all over the world, mainly in areas of conflict (as this tends to be where the news is!) however we have had an engineer been deployed to Dubai for 6 weeks so not all bad.

WHere are you based and what is your trade?
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