Uplifting (or otherwise) Mottoes

It's often joked that the motto for the City of Hull ought to be "I aren't bothered" as that appears to be the most oft heard expression.

Perhaps the Labour party's ought to be "Where there's no blame there's a claim".

Female officers - "If in doubt, cry".

Any other suggestions?
Glasgow - Shitpile of the North?

Aberdeen - Coldest place on earth?

Dundee - Verucas have more character?
If hitting it with a hammer does'nt fix it, it must be an electrical snag

Per ardva ad astra - the motto of all the twats i work with here on my squadron


"Keep dry, and out of reach of children"

OK, so it's on the back of a box of matches, but I've tried to live by it.
One for Brown the Clown: I used to be big-headed, but now I'm perfect.



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"Vidi, Vici, Veni" - I saw, I conquered, I came. (Ahh see what I did there :x )

"Keep your martinis dry and your women wet"

"Save a Tree: Eat a Beaver"

"Don't Burn Fossil Fuels: Burn Hippies Instead."

"Women: avalaible in any colour as long as its bitch!"

(Maybe Ishould have put these in the T-Shirts thread)


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"(Insert name of unit/organisation) where a pat on the back is just a recce for a knife"
I inspired a group of fellow geeks to a great victory on a certain online game last night, using the time honoured "tea and medals" line, followed by a "tally ho!"

Ah, is that my life? No? How about that one?

Darn, it appears to have been misplaced.

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