Discussion in 'REME' started by YTFC, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently on my VM (B) Upgraders course and was just wondering if the course was just as completely pointless and useless in the past?

    It's beyond me why we do most of it. Before I carry on, if I'm missing something here please tell me!

    I'm learning about 1940's bits of kit which aren't in service anymore and haven't been for a long time. I'm stripping and learning how to fix kit which I'm not allowed to do in the field Army.

    Ok, I know about the whole budget thing but this is just extracting the michael! The Army want me to be a knowledgable Class 1 VM........ how??? if what I'm getting taught is about as useful as a fat cap badged driver! Realisticly I'm learning nothing of use what so ever.

    Things are said to have been changing for years now and VT keep on telling the Army to change but, suprise suprise, the paper pushing desk drivers keep fobbing them off.

    Change or suffer the consequences REME!
  2. so the land rover isn't in service anymore....?
    strange that I'll have to let some one know...
    maybe its the principles of mechanics that your learning
    sorry your a VM B, and not an A-Mec...

    In the last 3 months they also teach you to Stand whilst peeing...
  3. During my civilian apprenticeship training ,on the subject of Fuel Feed Systems, the Instructor who was exRAF, mentioned a system which he stated,was purely historical,as that system had gone out of service just after WW2.
    One day in the late 80's, my unit undertook the refurbishment of an ex-London bus for a Children's Home. The bus ran out of diesel, back in our camp. Artificers, VMB1's were baffled on how to bleed the system. That previous knowledge of this system allow me to facilliate the job. Sometimes it pays to look back at the paths we came from. Some of the systems we see today, are improvements on yesteryears. Like the much mentioned ABS brakes,which lived under a different name half a century ago.
  4. Thanks for that GALLAHAD. I see where you are coming from, I really do. However, the underpinning knowledge of VMing is surely what the basic course is for.

    And not such a heart felt thank you to PINGU. Cheers for the sarcasum. I never said that rovers were out of service. Get off your soapbox.
  5. From reading this back it looks to me as though you were on you 'soap box' first.

    Every body who has done the VM's class one thinks along the same lines, but what you have learn principles, because in the future once you have finished your course 'little red arrse Crafty' might come up to you with say an air brake problem that he cant under stand, and you with your knowledge from your upgrader will be able to look at it from a different light, and help him solve the problem.
  6. Are they actually teaching you proper mechanicing and not just part changing!!!!
  7. Are they actually teaching you proper mechanicing and not just part changing!!!!
  8. I totally understand where you are coming from and im pretty certain the problem stems from the environment you are in and not what you are actually getting taught!, However before you can run you must first learn to walk! Im sure you think it is all pointless at the moment but believe me the principals of mechanics will never change and i guarantee you will put these principals into practice in the near future!

    (trust me, I have just being playing with T55 tanks in Bosnia!.......)

    Stick at it fella, its worth it in the end!
  9. I can still vividly remember having a serious problem when a A/Sgt came by, scratched his beard (yes, he had a beard) and recommended a tool which went out of service some 15 years previous.

    Learning about old kit also helps you understand the basics (and benefits) of new stuff.
  10. And just think when you have finished that, Glasgow will most likely give you your full screw. You will then be in charge of running a shop floor and inspecting everything and sorting out the young lads problems, that are now yours. Best brush up on your UECD and LEUMS and be a guru on JAMES and FEMIS. I really don't think Glasow has thought about this at all. Retention is becoming a swear word in my place. :frustrated:
  11. I agree with all that has been said so far with one addition......

    The reason you do all the stuff you do on basic.... this is so you learn the basic bollocks of being a mechanic. once you know BASIC principles you can apply them to almost any bit of kit. Oh, and you do get a qualification out of it too?? C&G 381 pts 1+2 it was for me i think? NVQ2, National Craftsman?

    The reason you do the Class 1 is to top up these qualifications and earn the right to class yourself as a time served mechanic. You need to do the things you do to allow you to gain the C & G pt 3 and the NVQ 3. If they cant assess you then they cant give you the quals that will stay with you till your a civvy and it dont matter how good you were on a Warrior there aint any out here!!!
  12. Another farce that was occuring just before i left. Should be at least 2-3 years after finishing Class 1. Minimum....
  13. Have the basics moved on from "Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow" to "Whizz, Bang, Warp, Zip". If not, then learn the Basics first, after which everything else becomes easy.

  14. Your welcome for the sarcasum, and here is a little history lesson my friend, point your little electric mouse to the hyperlink,
    LandRover History
  15. Real VM's are VMA's not betty mechs.