Upgrading to Officer - pros and cons?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by johnjohn, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Chaps...

    some advice if you may. background: Im doing a good job of getting on up the TA career chain. pretty confident of picking up my 2nd tape this year, however...

    the OC etc are pushing me to go for my commission. Im looking for any advice from people who have done this in the past and whether they believe they have made the right choice.

    what are the pros and cons of this decision. are there any doors that will be closed for me determining my choice.

  2. I'm hopelessly out of date. However, one question to check is if you should be uncessful at TACB or Sandhurst can you revert to your previous rank?

    That said I had a TA corporal who was later commissoned. A year or so later he resigned to go regular and made major before I did.
  3. Tricky one! I did the same thing about 3 years ago, the training was very good and the instructors were second to none. But through a combination of the amount of extra weekends and time required for long distance travel at the weekend I had to quit (work came first).

    I also met quite a few people that I thought... How the hell did you get a commision?

    I was able to just revert back to who I was before hand, no regrets really.

    As long as you can spare the time, it's worth commiting yourself to it.
  4. I know someone who went from the ranks to become an officer and he regretted it. He lost the very thing he joined the TA for - doing something different with a bunch of mates and enjoying it. Remember that being in the TA is as much relaxation from your civvy job as anything else. You may end up ruining the very thing you had.
  5. I suppose it depends if you can stand the pain of the operation or not?! Mind you, after they've removed your brain, you'll not feel much anyway - no sense no feeling and all that!!
  6. Gosh, a lance-jack already.
  7. Seriously though, it really does depend on what you want from a TA 'career'. I have been and still am in a similar situation, my CO is very keen for my to take an LE commission. I am not so sure. I joined as a Tom because I wanted to be an Infanteer, being an NCO&SNCO allowed me to progress but continue to be at the dirty end. I didn't and currently still don't fancy the role of an Officer, once you get past Lt, there are few opportunities to get involved in the more desirable (in my opinion) aspects of TA training, and spend a significant time behind a desk doing paperwork - I do this at work during the week, I want something else from the TA.
    You need to look at the Officers around you and consider what role you might be playing, what jobs will be asked of you, if it appeals, then go for it? If you don't like the look of the stuff Officers have to do, then you've got your answer.
    That is, obviously, just my opinion, there are plenty of Officers around who may disagree with me.
  8. I'm confused by the use of the term 'upgrade'. It's not always a step forwards.
  9. Exactly what I thought.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Be prepared, as a TA Officer - starting as PC, and from then on - to do plenty of work in your own time (unpaid, of course). Lesson plans, training programmes, annual (and biannual) reports, etc. There is frankly not a lot of fun in it in that regard.

    As mentioned above, it depends what you want out of the TA - don't forget that you are there because you enjoy it. When it becomes a chore, the fun goes, and then people will start nagging you to do stuff, and it becomes an effort to turn in for a Drill, etc....

    That said, if it's the social aspect that appeals to you, Officer is the way to go!
  11. Ditto.

    It's not an upgrade at all, just a different career stream, and (as has already been pointed out) not really what people join the TA for.

    Still, you get to look sexy in mess kit at a time in your life when it really matters.
  12. I already find him irritating.
  13. Back in the day (oh God.....early eighties!!) I went from the dorms at Redford Barracks across the square to the officer's mess (on what should have been my weekend off!). I was the only jock to do so on that year's intake of around 100 potential officers.

    I was well supported by my SNCO's (with obligatory mental torture/slagging to boot) and didn't really regret it except for, as previous posters have mentioned, missing my mates.

    Certainly it was a step up (for me) in terms of the training. More complex ideas to assimilate and didn't the Directing Staff have fun when they found out I wasn't a University Grad or Company Director! Ah the joys, I look back on it all fondly.

    Have a go, or you'll never know!
  14. it was meant with a slight hint of satire.

    BB, your comical retorts are hilarious.

    I think you lot have summed it up pretty well on here. the TA will never in a month of sundays pay the bills so i need to work out how much time i can commit outwith the normal TA working hours. Also from a part time career path the officer route will be far more limited.

    With our little unit being turned to a troop. i would find myself hitting a wall far faster than i might have done before.

  15. "Queers" was irritating on first use.