Upgrading our Armed Forces - Policy Exchange report

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by JD150, Sep 30, 2010.

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  1. "...This would require an expansion of the reserve forces by at
    least 200% – doubling the size of the TA to 60,000; and
    increasing the size of the reserve forces of the maritime and air
    forces to at least 15,000; enabling a corresponding reduction in
    the standing forces by some margin.
    In our view 66% of the capability held for armoured warfare
    should be given to the reservists, and based in the UK near a
    dock; with the remainder (one armoured brigade) being held as
    a combat support brigade providing elements for the Joint
    Intervention Brigades as required by any intervention mission.
    This model should be extended to any other area where
    retaining expensive standing military assets is judged to be
    inefficient relative to the threats / requirements. This could also
    include air-air combat aircraft, air transport / logistics aircraft,
    (less those that enable tactical insertion of special and early
    intervention forces), and maritime capability held for homeland
    security. It could also include all elements conducting ceremonial
    duties in London or elsewhere.
    An expanded and more capable reserve force would enable
    the reduction of the size of the standing forces so that they
    could be based effectively within the UK; given that reservists
    do not require housing / barracks etc.
    It would also ensure that military capability could be built to
    meet the demands of enduring operations or when such operations
    expand beyond the scope of the standing military to resource.
    In such cases we would support the deployment of formed TA
    units as has been so successful with the US National Guard."

  2. This is the sort of radical thinking I was hoping to see come out of the SDSR.
    To make this work, the UK would need to introduce T&C's, legal frameworks etc, for the TA similar to the US NG. So as well as proper employee protection etc, there would be an understood commitment from the Reservist.

    Now, does this Government (or the Regular Army) have the minerals to execute such a radical change?
  3. No wonder your gulping, if it turns into a National Guard, you will have to go abroad
  4. Both the source of this publication and the timing are interesting.

    Have a look at the "about us" page on the Policy Exchange website at About Policy Exchange and you'll see "fan mail" type quotes from several Tory party luminaries, including George Osborne. Of course, these quotes may carefully selected, but I suspect that this is the type of "think tank" that would have influence within the present government.
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  6. I seem to remember seeing a discussion document in 1992 that proposed almost exactly this - if it's kit for high intensity, give most of it to the TA. That left the reg forces to get on with being small and interventionist other than a small cadre of 'heavies'.

    As you say, political will will be the clincher.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Wrong. Accountants will dictate the whole show.
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  10. I had the pleasure of an exchange with the NG this summer. On the financial incentives versus training and deployment obligations it is such a different world from our own - Eisenhower might have been right about the US becoming hooked on its military-industrial complex.

    A couple of thoughts occur to me about the proposed move of heavy capability to the reserves:

    - the USNG has an inordinate number of full-timers keeping the big green machine running, who are active duty Guard rather than posted Regulars. Would we be prepared to pay for this or would it be the usual British shoe-string affair ?
    - would we mothball most of the kit and just keep a small percentage of vehicles in regular use, would we have a hefty active duty element to perform maintenance duties, or would the reservist spend most of his / her weekend track-bashing ?

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  12. The man who tells messrs Lambe and Williams that they must have been eating magic mushrooms when writing their report is a braver man than I !
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I thought the report was interesting and raised some very valid points for consideration. A few minor niggles:

    1. If you are going to put that much effort into preparing a document, at least get someone to proof read it properly. Lots of minor errors which gave it the appearance of a not very well presented degree dissertation rather than a policy document for consideration at the highest levels.

    2. It may have been better if they could find other examples to support their theories that don't have the two authors as their central characters - it gives it the edge of being a little self satisfied.

    3. I have worked for one of the trustees of Policy Exchange - A bigger **** you would struggle to meet, whose sole interest in life is to make himself more money. As soon as I saw his name on it, I wondered which of the elements involved he had a financial interest in.
  14. That's got to sting a few egos at PJHQ