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Upgrading Ipod touch hard drives

Anyone know if this is possible? I'm thinking of getting the 8gb and whacking in a bigger drive if it can be done not paying nearly £300 for a 32gb one
3_yorkie_vol said:
"Are they fitted with a flash drive or a solid state drive?" same thing !!
flash normally got up to 64 gb

solid state hdd 250gb are on the market, perhaps my terminology is confused as I am referring to the flash as a cf card
Guess that's a no then good to know before I flash the cash! would be interested to see what the difference between 1st/2nd gen is as I've found someone selling the 32gb 1st gen ones for 216 quid
I know this is going off the subject a bit but i have been trying for a while now to update my iPod to 8.0.2 (somert like that) but it always stops at the same point saying there is an error and to contact my pc distributer, has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it? My pc was built for me and ive never had this issue before.


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