Upgrading iMac Harddisk Space adding SST drive

I have an early 2010 (Jan) iMac 27" Dual Core with a built in 1TB Hitachi Disk. I have now reached the point where I want to upgrade the internal disk to at least 2TB (preferably 3TB) and add a steady state drive for speed (2nd priority). I have external Harddisks but this is not a substitute for a bigger primary disk. There is a lot of talk out there about sticking to the same make as the original for the RS232 connection that gives the disk temperature to the motherboard for fan speed consideration.

Here are my questions:

- What disk(s) will work exactly for my model iMac?
- Do I have to replace it with a Hitachi disk?
- Can an additional SST drive be installed without a problem?
- once the new HDD is in, where does the OS come from?
- I have a full back up on 2 separate discs through time machine but can make a complete back up once more if necessary to one disk

In short, I want to know if anyone has done this and if it is easy enough to do DIY.


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if you clone the first drive onto the second then you should keep everything before you swap it or use a pc to do it. the problem is the price of drives, I got lucky two weeks ago and got 2tb drives for 40 quid each to upgrade my NAS but 3 and 4 tb drives arent cheap and if it does fail you're scuppered. similar its not the easiest of upgrades from the looks of it on par with stripping an awkward laptop to repair a power socket.

you can use anydrive as the temp sensor is just a stick on affair

Apple iMac hard drive upgrade on Vimeo

looks like the kind of thing I enjoy doing :)

I'd go for a nas box you can plug into the router and which takes your other drives. maybe upgrade to 2tb if you can stomach the task to keep costs down.
Thanks Grumble you are a good source. I am getting a quote from a local store. I want a 3TB because I hate having to look for storage elsewhere. Will install an external WD 2TB for use with time machine.

Had a NAS installed a while back but it didn't work as a media server for my WD HD boxes and I sold it again. Come to think of that, I could do that with apple TV boxes and AirPlay all movies off my iMac based library. Will think about this.

I do think the make/model HDD matters as the temp sensor regulated the fan speed through a jumper connector, let's see what the shop proposes.


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according to the video I think the jumper connector is just the two pin connector you stick the sensor on as they arent likely to tie themselves to one source of drive and there arent any suitable jumpers on for an external sensor as its all written into the s.m.a.r.t bios. more likely apple havent managed to tap into this so you have the external sensor just in case, probably because its so close to the screen
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