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Upgraded Saxon Patrol to plod on until 2015.

ViroBono said:
Active_Edge_841 said:
*Heart monitors, defibulators, spine boards, etc.*

Though I see them referred to often, I've never seen a real life defibulator, nor worked out what it actually is - a device for extracting fibulas, perhaps? I'm sure a defibrillator would be a much more useful bit of kit on an ambulance. :shakefist:

That will be me missing out on first place in the January ARRSE spelling competition then? :hmm: :party:


War Hero
The-Daddy said:
Seems much better than the Saxon but still think an LAV would be more suitable for a British Infantry Battalion whose role seems to change with the seasons

& you do have to admit that LAV's do look very ally. we just get them, complete with turret mounted (decent) armament & I ain't thinking along the lines of the Warriors chaingun here.


War Hero
Cardinal said:
The problem isn't availablity or even affordability its the way the MOD purchases kit.

if I can refer to a naval example that shows the dreadful way our MOD spends money its the new aircraft carriers. Some years ago the RN was told it was to get two new super carriers of 50-60,000 tons to replace its existing three 20,000 ton carriers, HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth (unlucky names for British warships).

About the same time Italy announced it was going to build a 30,000 ton carrier the Cavour. Where Italy spent one year examining various plans and working out the details and just six months awarding contracts, we spent tens of milllions of pounds and many years in competitive tendering, study groups, management oversight groups, gateway project management, artists impressions, models, contract sharing arrrangements with France.

Italy's Cavour, is currently sailing up and down the Med and will be in service with the Italian Navy sometime this year. The MOD has now spent more on our carriers than Italy has on its, but where Italy has 30,000 tons of steel we have some lovely artists impressions, a few models and bugger all else. In broad terms we have spent roughly 10 million pounds more on nothing than Italy has on its new vessel.


I got to say that if this is only half correct, it is a compleat traversty & heads should roll with the MOD buerocrates having to sign for bags, hessian, sand! & I bet you they all get a F###ing annual bonus too! (which a lot of much more deserving low grade MOD staff don't get, due to the groesly unfare bonus system, but thats another storey)


War Hero
lanky said:
It is a nice ship, but can carry only 8 JSFs... as opposed to about 45 aircraft on the RN's CVF. Basically she is a pimped up CVS. A good ship for pottering around the med, but nowhere near as good as CVF for blue water ops.

sorry to be on 'blue' issues, but I'm sure that Cardinal is correct in saying that we should have something far more tangeble to show for 10 million quid than some models, artists impressions, studies & some dodgy contracts with the French ffs!

cardinal, good post & good points btw.

right, back to green! :numberone:


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[quote="Cardinal] gracing the sofa at GMTV and chatting up the blonde bimbo

oi! just because I said that was a good post of yours, dosen't mean you can slag off my darling Fiona! how dare you man! she is dream milf/yummy mummy (delate ass applicable) !

:frown: sorry for the tangent there ..........


Having used Saxon in NI and Bosnia in the nineties and more recently in in Afghanistan. I would love to sum my opinion up, absofuckinglutley Shiiiite.

The problem is the unwillingness of the government to procure new 21st century equipment (yes that was 21st century for any from the MOD reading this). We are totally outclassed by other nations with this vehicle not to metion giving young lads, driving and commanding these compo tins a false sense of security in the protection offered. I would have said some of the best vehicles fielded at this moment would be by the Germans (the Dingo and Fuchs) but god forbid the MOD buying anything not made in Britian or more importantly by BAe. Having used the upgaded Saxon, someone, somewhere needs a good kick ***********.

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