Upgraded Saxon Patrol to plod on until 2015.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Active_Edge_841, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. ABRO has managed to complete the upgrade on the 22 Saxons in the agreed 12 week time-frame. Not going to make a great impact I know, however, I suppose every little bit helps. They are now to plod on until 2015. A bit more protection, new braking system, Bowman"ised", etc, etc.

    Better than nothing.
  2. Is this upgrade going to cover GWR or is it just Patrol?
  3. As far as I'm aware the upgrade was only for Saxon Patrol.
  4. Just what we need, Bedford-in-a-tin struggling on for another decade, wasting manpower and resources on what must surely be the single most useless vehicle ever used by the British Army. Well I say used, obviously I mean spends most of it's time parked up on the square or in the REME workshop.
  5. Shame I can't find a picture of the "Glanville Fighter Car" a one man armoured Morris car with two fixed forward firing machine guns.

    Saxon is cr4p though.
  6. Christ, beats the old "Pigs" any day, Saxon Patrol, a much better taxi. :winkrazz:
  7. I think they're alright. I used to hate them on exercise getting thrown about for hours but they have turned many 15 mile tabs into a quick 3 mile jaunt. Roll on anything with light armour.
  8. Maybe I should change my post to say " the singlemost useless vehicle presently used by the British Army", just to stop a variation on the Monty Python sketch:

    "Saxon? Eeeh luxury! I used to have to push my Saladin with square wheels fitted up Hungry Hill every day for seventeen hours twice a week"

    "That were nuthin'. My Dingo Scout car used to kill me stone dead every night and do donuts on me grave"

    ...and so on.
  9. On a serious note though, from what I have heard about the upgrade on the Saxon ambulance, it has more on-board kit, this will no doubt improve its battlefield funtion?

    If so, this has got to be money well spent?
  10. Regardless of upgrade, SAXON will remain an under-armoured, under-powered bullet magnet which has little to no cross country capability. As a "Paddy pusher" in NI it was cumbersome and mainly used at static incidents (Drumcree et al), as moving the bloody things is generally more trouble than it's worth. In Bosnia, SAXON was a f*cking liability. I'm reliably informed the ones in Iraq were only being used when the cupboard was bare and there was nothing else left to send out the gate.
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  11. What other vehicle under 10 tonnes offers greater protection?

    Until the procurement of Mastiff, it was the only vehicle in the Army with any serious hint of mine protection (not including specialist EOD, of course).
  12. Who says that history does not repeat itself?

    Early reconnaissance cars on exercise with 5 Recce in Northern Ireland, October 1941. These cars were improvised from trucks as airfield defense vehicles for the RAF and were pressed into service with Reconnaissance Corps units.

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  13. and another:

    Another makeshift armoured vehicle used by the Reconnaissance Corps in 1941. This "Ironsides" armoured car was based on a Bedford 3-ton lorry chassis. Known in 15 Recce, (to whom these examples belonged), as a "meat safe".

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  14. another - but remember that those were desperate times. What was the rush with the Saxon?

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  15. The rush was that the Shah of Iran (the man who had ordered them: they were never supposed to be used by the British Army) had just been deposed and they were all sitting in a British factory rotting...

    If the MoD had not purchased them then a lot of workers in a few marginal constituencies would have become unemployed.