Upgrade my D60 to......?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by bloodgroup_o+, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Alright troops. I've had my Nikon D60 for a few years and after Batus, 2 tours and kenya its a bit battered, but still hasn't let me down. I'm starting an undergrad coure with the OU in April and would like a new SLR for it preferably one that will take my nikon + tamron lenses.

    A few people have suggested the D5000 or D90, I'm more interested in the features and image quality than anything else. I'll have around 700 quid to spend to leave me some dosh for a new 500mm lens.

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  2. Your question answers itself. Keep the body and spend the entire amount on a decent quality lens. There's no point having the latest and greatest body, and then sticking an old bean tin with the bottoms off a couple of milk bottles glued inside it, on the front.
  3. Hmm true. I may just stick the D60 in for a sensor clean and a check up instead.

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  4. I was surprised at the quality of the Canon L series lenses compared to the standard lenses. I now have replaced all my standard lenses with the L series.

    Now if only I could take a decent photograph......... :)
  5. Seeing the difference in quality between inexpensive consumer lenses and professional lenses is like realising you were wearing glasses with a layer of grease on them. They make far more difference to the quality of the image than the model of camera you use.
  6. Weirdly enough I've got both cameras; the 5000 is a lot easier to use in some respects, for a biff like me anyway, but I've got a grip fitted to the D90 which I lurve to bits. I found it quite difficult getting hold of a D90 body only btw.
    Totally agree on the lens advice; spend a bit more and buy once!