Updating drivers.

How do folks, I recently ran one of these driver scans from touchstone software which indicated that I need to update drivers for a few of my devices, such as the graphics card.
Now being a computer biff, I know not what to do.
Does anybody know where I can update these drivers for free?
Or are thes scan thingies just a con?


Also, its often not required. For instance the ATI Catalyst package is updated to support latest cards, with some modifications for older cards.

The scan you did will simply check the release number of you current driver with the latest version.

Updating may have no difference whatsoever, as support your card may have not been touched in the upgrade.
I think it must be a mother board jobby. Yes its working but it says the drivers are out of date for a few things, hence my asking if these scan things are just a bit of a con to make money, or I could do with updating things.


Sometimes a scam, sometimes not.

You need to go to your motherboard manafacturers website, and download the latest drivers. Let me know what board you have (this will be displayed when you first turn your PC on) and i'll have a dig about, bored at the moment.

Alternatively, you could get out of the dark ages, and buy a decent graphics card, you pikey twat! :wink:


If you don't know the exact model of your motherboard (its not always obvious):

1: Click here and download CPU-Z version 1.40 (its only 450k)

2: Run it, and you get a screen like this showing your computer information, click the tab highlighted:

and you end up with this - the highlighted bit is what you are after:

Let me know if you're still stuck!


Additionally, if you do decide to put a card in (you require an AGP card, by the way) I would recommend an Nvidia card for that board, for best compatibility.

Reason being is that ATI is now owned by AMD - hence I have an ATI card in my AMD powered system.


suits_U said:
Cheers mate.
I bow to your jedi like prowess.
Is it worth downloading any of the others?
Unless you are having problems with sound, hard drive access etc, then no. If it isn't broke, don't fix it!

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