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Right, I've got a little poxy Samsung Galaxy Ace, does the job, but glad I've only got 2 months before I get a new phone.
Because I know I'm getting a new phone, I thought I'd update most of my apps, then use "Appsaver" to save them. (does it in a little file on the memory card, you can just press them to re-install them, if your short on memory and installing / uninstalling a lot) But the issue I seem to be having is that I'd have an App, say Youtube, it's 5mb, then I update it (says the app is 5mb on market) - all fine and dandy. But all of a sudden, my internal memory tells me that I only have 17mb left???!! Now I have rooted my phone some some apps such as faceache are on the memory card. 6 months ago I could clear all my cache and data and then I would have maybe 50mb, but now I struggle to have over 22mb internal memory spare!!!!!

Would I be along the right lines of thinking that if I have the ARRSE app (which I have) at 3mb, then update it (which is 4mb), the 3mb one is there and then the 4mb one sits on top of it to say???That way realistically the ARRSE app takes up 7mb on my phone? I am getting the Samsung Galaxy SIII which has 16gb, but if I know that "Updating" the app really shoves another one on top of it, then I might un-install the app and re-intall the new app?

Otherwise - What the hell is going on!

(I am a bit of a techno noob and so please use simple terms)!!!!


Samsung admitted there is a problem with the ace

If you take it to your dealer they will either replace it for a new one or send it away to be fixed.

I had the same problem and they exchanged it .

However I still think it's a crap phone and wished I had kept my galaxy 2

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