Updated Military Watch Website and Forces Charity Banners

After everything that was in the press recently about lack of support for the military within the civilian population of the UK we have added a banner on our new index page to the RBL and to the 3 main services charities. We have also spelt out very clearly that orders to BFPO's especially Telec and Herrick get priority.

We have just updated the site - Military Watches Updated Website

I know it isn't a lot but if UK companies carried only 1 banner on their sites for a Forces charity the cumulative effect may make it worthwhile.

We have also updated some of our eBay auctions for G10 watches to include a 10% of purchase price dontation to the Legion via eBay's own system.

I left in the Army in 96 and my wife left in 85. It makes our blood boil to see the crap that those serving get today. OK we had the Falklands and Granby, but at least we got to see our families regularly and most of the MQ's we had didn't come with running damp! - sorry for the rant!

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