Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RoyalEngineers, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Well.. currently i've been doing a bit of fitness here and there to prepare me for my college course in Public Services, upon which I hope to raise my fitness levels...

    Exam results were great, considering I didn't revise.
    A*, 2 A's, 6 B's, 2 C's.

    I'm still wishing to join the Corps and have been ushered by my Army drop out mates ;)
    Suffice to say I definately long to join the Army and hope I pass all the tests etc.

    Anyway, /end life story :)

    Job recommendations anyone?
  2. sparky..................... obviously.

    but with those results do you think that they may try to put you through welbeck college for future officers.

    we do not particularly like them BUT they get padi more than us & do not have to work for their first couple of promotions & their pension point is lower than us OR's, 16 years as opposed to 22 years.

    worth thinking about fella.

  3. With regards to the Officer path.. will it be loaded onto me gently, if you know what I mean. I'm not saying that Is what I wish to do, however.. if i'm shunted towards that.. it seems like it'll test my "intellect" (or lack of). However, what I seem to be thinking on this front is that I may be disliked, and also I think it won't be my crowd, making decisions with people older and more experienced than me, expected to act with some sort of sophistication.. I did well at school, but I didn't particularly work hard or anything, and didn't enjoy it :p

    I think i'd rather be one of the lads, just with a job requiring some brains. But still, i'm open for opinions etc.
  4. Don't kill me for this or whatever lol but Draughtsman seems quite intellectual (possibly?)
  5. Take advice mate, if you can get a commission go for it. I didn't & it's the one thing I DO regret after 22 years. :(
  6. Hmm, I really can't imagine myself doing it, but still.. the food IS better right? :lol:
  7. I would recommend draughtsman if that interests you. You could even progress onto Clerk of Works in future years. But as has been said before with those scores I would consider Officer entry.

  8. i was offered welbeck at 16 years old & turned it down to work "ON THE SHOPFLOOR" so to speak.

    i do not regret it at all, but times have changed.