Greetings One and All,

This is Shadia Ousta from Howe & Co contacting you on behalf of Kieran O'Rourke who is out in Nepal with Martin Howe at the moment.
He's asked me to let you know that due to massive monsoons in Pokhara, most of the phone lines and power have been knocked out and it is difficult to send emails.

Kieran has seen Mr. Pun VC, who is weak but in very good spirits. Mr. Pun is looking forward to the meeting. There will be a Guard of Honour.
Mr. Pun very much wanted to see that and all the people who will come to greet him, but because his eyesight is failing, he realises he won't be able to see you all - but you can see him.

Mr Pun does extend a huge THANK YOU to everybody for all your help and support. It is something that transcends his physical state and touches him deeply.

Is everybody aware of the arrangements for 04JUL07? Heathrow won't allow us to be at the airport and have arranged an alternative location for the meeting...

Speak to you soon,

Thanks for the update, and best wishes to Mr Pun.
Good to hear. Best wishes to Mr Pun and his family.
Best Wishes to Mr Pun VC.

I hope an apology from Broon for the shocking and damn right disgraceful treatment of a VC holder will be forthcoming.

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