Update: What happend to the Gurkha that beheaded a Talib?

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by viceroy, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. viceroy

    viceroy LE

    any update? I would have hoped that he'd been awarded a fecking medal for this...
  2. Why would you award him a medal? And what medal do you usually award people for cutting the head off a dead body?
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  3. Maple

    Maple LE

    Stacker hates Gurkhas so not exactly representative of Arrse, If he'd been EDL of course Stacks would be singing his praises. Personally good luck to Johnny Gurkha, give the man a medal, rather have them on our side than against us.
  4. PRC-349

    PRC-349 LE

    I'd have thought just a slap on the wrist to keep the ones who were in an outrage happy but I doubt anything serious will come of it. Anyone know?
  5. London_native

    London_native War Hero

  6. Hooray its Maple, who now is going to look like a **** when I ask him to post anything that says I hate Gurkhas.
    Once you can't find anything (and therefor look like the **** that you are) maybe you want to talk to some of Ghurkas who were out there and don't approve of this blokes behaviour either.
  7. London_native

    London_native War Hero

    The RM hit the Talib with a wellington. This Gurkha will also suffice as a worthy sacrifice to the hand wringling liberals.
  8. Delta-Dog

    Delta-Dog Old-Salt

    While he was been detained, what did he expect for beating a prisoner?
  9. Azrael2006

    Azrael2006 War Hero

    Did you read the article you linked to? He was beaten while held captive, not while planting IEDs..... Once a prisoner under our care, they have rights (unless we hand them to the Americans in which case they just disappear) You would have thought even the thickest would have learn't that from Iraq...... Never mind a Capt
  10. PRC-349

    PRC-349 LE

    not to mention it's totally different, your article is about a prisoner with rights, not a corpse that needed to be IDd
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  11. Hmmmm I wouldn't put too much belief in that the head was cut off so it could be IDed.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    (unless we hand them to the Americans in which case they just disappear)

    So why the **** are we bothering to process them, find the nearest GI and hand them over with a cheery smile and "There you go buddy all yours" job jobbed.
  13. Gooner1988

    Gooner1988 Clanker

    Heads will roll for allowing this to happen...I'll show myself out.
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  14. When it comes to collecting genetic material for ID purposes I can foresee the difficulty in taking an uncontaminated oral swab from a corpse in a battlefield, take the head and you can do so in comfort later.

    Perhaps we should do the same with all those kiddy fiddlers.
  15. PRC-349

    PRC-349 LE

    Exactly, it's easy for us to all sit and judge and say "now thats not right you should have done this..." from the comfort of a desk or behind a newspaper but we weren't there. He made a decision on the ground so cap doffed to him. As for your insinuation Stacker that it may have been done for anything other than that purpose: you're a fool.