update on the dream has ended

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by christine, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. it is now some two weeks since mark was discharged from phase one training at pirbright after some six weeks life for all of us has been tought mark has left home on a few occations but has always returned but is still upset with life.Tonight i sat in the car waiting for him to leave work at 10pm he has found a job working in a supermarket and if you told me 12 weeks ago that it would end like is i would have never beleaved you. after some two weeks he is starting to talk about life in the army.
    this is an update for those who cared thanks for your support

  2. Did I miss something here?
  3. Me too! :(
  4. Er - can you clarify?
  5. This appears to relate to two people, a woman and her son, both posting from the same username.
  6. did you get to the bottom of why he got discharged? and whens he going to try again?
  7. Is this a wind up? "tonight I sat in the car till 10pm"....Give it chance luvver it was only 1356hrs when you posted... :?
  8. Christine,

    As we are all anonymous in cyberspace, it might help you and others if you were to supply some more information. By now, you should have had the story from your lad and I, for one, would like to hear it.

    Alternatively, he may be spinning you a yarn which you, as a civvie and a mother, would take for granted. But we would see through any piece of fiction and could advise you accordingly.

    Have you seen his letter of discharge yet? What does it say?

    There may be lessons for us all in something like this... "do we correctly manage the discharge of soldiers who are considered unsuitable for further service?", or could we do more?

  9. Christine

    give him time - it is as if he has suffered a bereavement.

    he has lost his dream to be in the army. he'll talk about it eventually.

    I was to join the Junior Leaders in 1981 - but hurt my back two months before I was due to start, I felt as if the world had ended. For your son it must be worse - to actually get in the door then asked to leave.

    Write to his Commanding Officer, and see if they will give you a reason.

    He'll get over the disappointment eventually - but he can go back another day and try again. No bonus now, but it will be soon.
  10. Its only 2 weeks since he left training - give it time.

    Theres nothing wrong with working in a supermarket - at least you son has the gumption to get himself a job.

    Are you sure that this isn't your dream pushed on to him as you seem more upset/involved than I would have expected especially after reading your previous posts.

    Give your son a chance to grow up and mature or he'll never be ready.