Update on Jargon relaunch

I have received info from Scotty McBurble and the techno wienies in the Engine Room that [ I quote ] " She canna go any faster, Cap'n.. The Dilithium crystals are burning out ! "

Still, the prototype and test centre are under final time trials.. Seems that system failure and crashes are the norm in this kind of rushed start-up.. The gnomes in the boiler room tell me no one has ever in the history of the World Wide Web has tried to erect a Website in so short a period.. Something for the Guiness Book of Records...

If the reactor core doesn't melt down over the weekend, we should be ready for the first recruit intake within 10 days.[ or less ]

the Base Commandant has been appointed and offers for Officer of the Day [ moderators ] will be made once the paint dries...

Please stand by for your Warning Orders and Travel Docs...

The new C.O. , General Consternation VD, STD, Ordering the Bath, Drinker of the Rum,Snatcher of the Garter [ aw, now that was a time... ]
will be posting orders for all ranks, all branches as soon as the civilian contractors and government inspectors sign off on the paperwork...

Ethernet Web Miles may be used to upgrade seating and accomodation for those travelling overseas or times zones greater than +2 E.S.T...

more later...Rocketeer, A.D.C.
Thanks for the update, Rocketeer and an especial "Thank you" to the Tech types for pulling this together and providing the "virutal space" for us to setup.

Time to order a pre-launch celebratory round for the crew of GIJargon (C1A1). It is Friday after all.
Rocket, that is good news :D Let us know when you're able to beam up. I'm just now heading through the Stargate, getting locked into another world, would be nice to have the old one back again.....
Outstanding rocket, thanks for the update. Sounds like your writing one for up and coming TV show.
mech hanging on every word
My last thoughs as I departed the good ship SS Jargon was, Beam me up Scotty, there's no longer any intelligent life here. Un-cork the sea cock and let her sink.

Rocket, this is indeed some great news for us olde timers. It will feel good to unpack my kit and dust off my knickers.

One thing I wish we could have kept, was the numbers of posts we had from the old site. It's not any fun being the new kid on the block, but at least we all get a new home to start posting in. "The longest journey begins with a single step."

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