Update....Joe Townsend and his, or maybe not, bungalow.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by five-minute-fagbreak, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. JINGO

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  2. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Signed, If there is any body that uses Facebook reading this thread please log on this site there is a section where you can invite people to join the group. Even if you arent a regular user if you invite all your friends and they sign the petition then it will build up the momentum.
    Lets hand thes petty town hall pr1cks their hats.
  3. i decided to write to the council a polite letter in support of Joe ,just a basic letter stating that i personally felt Joe should be given permission to have the bungalow built for his needs and also there were no objections from his neighbours. The point i am making his the fact yes Joe's needs the bungalow to suit his needs also Joe is very young to have a relationship and a family of his own being disabled my self i tried to express how it would feel living in a annex of your family no matter how much you love them there is a big age gap and you want your own privacy . I don't know if the council will listen but i tried .
  4. You are quite correct asacey, he does need privacy and his independence. An annexe would not be suitable given it would consitute part of the main house. Any change to ownership of the house would impact on him.

    Best wishes to Joe for a speedy recovery from his latest surgery.
  5. Chubb, do you wonder why your previous posts have been deleted?
  6. I see the one eyed scottish cnut and David Cameron have urged the council to reverse their decision in Joes favour, hotmail news page now. about time the twats did something worthwhile for the brave lads coming back home.
  7. I hopr that cnut Van Den Bosse gets sacked and that slag featured in the Sun looses her seat
  8. Quite intresting that there is several hundred people every few minute's joining the facebook group.
    Only good thing that come from this, (because there's no way Joe wont get his bungalow with all this pressure on the council) is that is proves that British democracy is still working and it might force a few more politicians to think carefully before taking the piss.
  9. Nice one.

    I am a little irked that the PM only urged Wealden council to reconsider. He should have some balls about him and demanded it be sorted.
  10. Good, I assume that this practice will be rolled out nationwide.

    Good, you must do the right thing Mr Brown, the mess webley is in the drawer.
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