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Upcoming Tribunal AFCS appeal, will I get screwed?

I have an upcoming tribunal. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2008 while still serving after tours as a sniper. Attended all shrink treatments in aldershot then was allowed to request termination of service while on heavy medication, having been on home leave for 6 months, receiving treatment and recieved no pre discharge Med, no final review etc.
Was awarded a Tariff 13 in 2010
5 years later 2015 still on psychiatrist prescriptions meds, receiving treatment, dwp benefits due to inability to work, after exceptional review was awarded tariff 10 ( Mental disorder, causing functional limitation or restriction, which has continued, or is expected to continue for 5 years) Now this is 7 years after my initial diagnosis. Only reason for an exceptional review was my condition deteriorated continuosly leading to being stuck on medication that left me unable to even function on a daily basis. Now, because of missing one appointment in 2017 with Vets NHS wales because I was homeless and sofa surfing missing the letter. They are saying I did not engage with treatment. However they have a letter from my psychiatrist from 2019 again confirming my diagnosis, on going issues, the HUGE dosages I take to control the issues and are still pushing for rejection. I am now 12 years + since diagnosis and worrying they will use that one missed appointment to do me over....


Request a tribunal mate. As long as you have received all treatments ie EMDR, CBT and you are still not better, you have a right to take it to tribunal as its post 5 years and they will have to argue against it there.

I would call veterans UK, and email a letter signed to them requesting a tribunal as your injury is still there and ask what they need from you. They will send you paperwork and get it filled in and its a sit back and wait.

Collate ALL evidence, get a breakdown of all treatment, and when, GP letter and one from your psychiatrist confirming and re-diagnosing your condition, and get all your med lists printed out. Also a letter from you explaining how it affects your life daily wont hurt either. Basically mate list everything and as long as it is what it is, you'll be fine. It will take time but keep at it!!