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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bobby-Dazzla-82, Dec 15, 2012.

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  1. Yes they are. Does your unit know that you are wanting to go on tour? Put your name forward to your PSI/PSAO and get your military CV written up to speed things up when a slot is available.
  2. Yes I've told them, my reg is gearing up for op tosca, but I'd rather get on a afgan tour

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  3. Herrick 20, a few guards regiments are going and some Germany units such as 1pwrr. If your infantry from the south try see if you can jump onto the London regiments pre deployment training which should be starting soon
  4. What capbadge are you?
  5. H 20, won't that be the area cleaning detail as we pull out?
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  6. Sure there will be a few "picking up brass" style details before we finally hot foot it out of the country

  7. Speak to your SPSI. You may get the chance to do H20, but

    1. With the drawdown started there will be fewer TA units supporting and fewer PIDS.
    2. Even if you deploy, you may not get the full deployment or might get stood down at short notice before you deploy.
    3. If you put your name down for HERRICK, you are unlikely to do TOSCA, as the tours are too close together.

    If you want a tour, apply for TOSCA, and then HERRICK if you don't get on TOSCA. If you want to do HERRICK, by all means hang on, but you may be disappointed.
  8. 3 Mercian are due out to Ghanners H19. As advised - speak to your SPSI.
  9. All the TA places are gone for Tosca, I'm going to push for Herrick, thanks for the info.

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  10. I heard H20 was a 9 month tour.
  11. Roger, a good friend came and visited yesterday from 1PWRR, he said Herrick 20 is 9month tour. However as a TA soldier you well only do 6months as you need to fit in all your pre deployment training and Pre/ Post tour leave within the 12 month contract.

    Who's knows it could all change back to a standard 6month tour by then anyway.
  12. Don't go on Op Tosca. There's been too many brandy sour casualties.