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upcoming films that look awesome

Wolverine, Star Trek and Public Enemies, yes.

Transformers 2, no thanks.

GI Joe, probably not; I hear it's a PG Rating. So you'll have a movie about an elite group of soldiers and a terrorist organisation that makes Al Queda look like amuaters...in which noone gets killed.

I'd add Inglorious Bastards to the list as well...
Whenever they make it(hopefully within the next year or so)-24 the movie.

Terminator salvation looks very good I have to say.

Transformers 2-Megan Fox is in it therefore it will be good! :D

As for Tarantino, well I think all his recent movies have been shite-Ill probably get slated for that but I just don't like his recent movies.
theiftaker said:
I saw the trailer at the cinema today for Wolverine............... feck it looks good
Sabertooth: "Do you even know how you're gonna kill me?"

Wolverine: "I'm gonna cut your head off; see if that works." 8)

Both Schriber and Jackman put in serious gym time to prepare for their roles; Schrieber allegedly putting on about 18 kilos of muscle to play Sabertooth.

Looks very good, just a pity they have'nt doen a "full-contact" Wolverine movie and gone for an R Rating. But that would have made them less money... :roll:
the_matelot said:
Whenever they make it(hopefully within the next year or so)-24 the movie.
Not a go at you mate but whats the feckin' point? It's like 24 "Redemption" or 24 "Money Spinner" as I like to call it. 24 was and is revolutionary because it's a full day or 24 hours. 2 hours here and there is is pointless IHMO.

It's like X Files the Movies......shoite. Answered / presented no more questions than any other episode would.

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