upcoming films that look awesome

Wolverine, Star Trek and Public Enemies, yes.

Transformers 2, no thanks.

GI Joe, probably not; I hear it's a PG Rating. So you'll have a movie about an elite group of soldiers and a terrorist organisation that makes Al Queda look like amuaters...in which noone gets killed.

I'd add Inglorious Bastards to the list as well...
wild_moose said:
Gonna chuck Terminator Salvation into the mix as well. No Arnie but it's got Christian Bale - the one from the good Batman films :D
You're Jerrods friend aren't you ;)
just seen a thread for Tarantino's new film due out in Aug - Inglorious Basterds!! looks amazing
What about Fast and Furious :wink:
Terminator Salvation & Public Enemies look ace, as does transformers (was a fan when i was a kid)
i will definately be going to see them
Whenever they make it(hopefully within the next year or so)-24 the movie.

Terminator salvation looks very good I have to say.

Transformers 2-Megan Fox is in it therefore it will be good! :D

As for Tarantino, well I think all his recent movies have been shite-Ill probably get slated for that but I just don't like his recent movies.
theiftaker said:
I saw the trailer at the cinema today for Wolverine............... feck it looks good
Sabertooth: "Do you even know how you're gonna kill me?"

Wolverine: "I'm gonna cut your head off; see if that works." 8)

Both Schriber and Jackman put in serious gym time to prepare for their roles; Schrieber allegedly putting on about 18 kilos of muscle to play Sabertooth.

Looks very good, just a pity they have'nt doen a "full-contact" Wolverine movie and gone for an R Rating. But that would have made them less money... :roll:
the_matelot said:
Whenever they make it(hopefully within the next year or so)-24 the movie.
Not a go at you mate but whats the feckin' point? It's like 24 "Redemption" or 24 "Money Spinner" as I like to call it. 24 was and is revolutionary because it's a full day or 24 hours. 2 hours here and there is is pointless IHMO.

It's like X Files the Movies......shoite. Answered / presented no more questions than any other episode would.

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