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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RfnGeordie, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Does any of you TA infantry types have the dates for CIC in 2010, I need to book the time off work well in advance, I'm rejoining and will be doing it again.

    PS before anyone says ask the PSI, there isn't one until next year sometime
  2. Best bet will be to ask Officer who's in charge of training or get a buddy with an ArmyNet login to try to find the schedule of events for Catterick.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    There's no point booking time off now, as 1) the course might be cancelled 2) you might get injured and not be able to attend 3) You might not be able to complete the previous training in the timeframe you wanted to.

    The unit you are re-joining will be best placed to advise you.

  4. i know one date is 27th march to 9th april as that is the one i am booked on
    Dont know if that helps you
  5. PteG

    Cheers fella that does help, probably about the right timescale I will start working around that I reckon. I heard the ITB only run about two or three CIC (TA) a year so I don't want to miss it and wait 6 months for the sake of doing a job I was already doing only a year ago. Although I'm well up for going back to Vimy for the laugh, don't want to live in RRTT limbo forever
  6. Or get your own log in.

  7. Should still be in date they were when i finished.

    Dates for CIC course's Running 09 - 11

    27 March - 09 April 2010 Loading 96
    24 April - 07 May 2010 loading 96
    22 May - 04 June 2010 loading 48
    19 June - 02 July 2010 Loading 96
    09 - 22 October 2010 Loading 48
    27 November - 10 December 2010 Loading 96
    05 - 18 Feburary 2011 Loading 48
    26 March - 08 April 2011 Loading 48

    Dates for PJNCO course's running 09 - 11

    20 June- 03 Jul 09 Loading 48
    28 November - 11 December 09 Loading 48
    19 June - 02 July 2010 Loading 48
    27 November - 10 December 2010 Loading 48
    26 March - 08 April 2011 Loading 48
  8. hey i'll be doing teh march one, random question what does the loading 96 or loading 48 mean?
  9. 96 or 48 blokes on the course.
  10. sapperboy

    sapperboy Swinger SME

    Did you previously complete Phase 1 and CIC(TA), if so, depending how long you have been out, you may not need to do it again. Your unit can apply for an exemption if needs be.
    you may want to check the course dates too as I think there was a revision over the last couple of weeks, October 10 may have gone?
  11. You've got no hope of getting on the March one. I was attested in September and that was the earliest one they can get me on. I've still only done w/e 1 - 8 and I did one of the Challenge courses to get w/e's 1 - 6 squared away in a week.

    You've got a lot of w/es to do before CIC.

    You really need to speak to your RRTT
  12. sapperboy

    sapperboy Swinger SME

    If you have got WE 1 - 9 squared away and/or your CO's certificate, you should be able to get onto the course quite soon, the wait is not that long, it is usually your unit that slows things up.
    Course dates are available on DII Net and ARTD Sharepoint, your unit can access them, if not PM me and I will look at the RAP when I get back to the office.
  13. But bear in mind you only have 8 weeks from finishing your TSC(Inf) to getting on your CIC, or else you'll have to do a refresher w/e. Thats weeks and not TA w/es.
  14. Thanks for all the replies, I will likely have to do some weekends but not all again and then CIC next year sometime.

    I've passed the medical now and so should be attested again early in the new year, so I should be able to get more info through the regiment from now on. Looking forward to it, its good to be back
  15. Alternatively RfnGeordie you could look up the post where the dates have been posted already.Trust me the CIC dates wont change the only thing that use get binned was the PJNCOs usually due to lack of numbers.