Uparmored FV432s replacing Warriors in theater?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Khyros, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Alsacien

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  2. Biped

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    I quite like those rather new under-seat document holders you get in Audi's.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ..not to mention the little fridge in the glove box...
  4. Sweet mother of Christ, are we still not rid of the damn things?

    The least they could have done was make it the 432/30's, then we could have kept the 30mm. If we have to put up with it it might as well have the same punch as Warrior.
  5. yeah 432/30 mit fox turret=nil room in the back, had the pleasure for 4 years in berlin excellent as long as there were no more than 4-5 blokes in the thing.
  6. That said, How long have the septics had the M113 thing?
  7. Having spoken to blokes that have used it, they rate it.

    Uparmoured, improved suspension and powerpack.
  8. Factor in leave, courses, casualties and undermanning, that sounds about right. :(

    I've used them too, and they were bloody cramped, you're right, but I'd put up with a squash for the sake of having Rarden when I needed it.
  9. It looks like a great piece of kit for use in addition to warrior, but I'd be VERY wary of replacing it. Apart from anything, the lack of a turret means that you can't fire whilst battened down. What's the use in that?
  10. Good to see that HM's 'new' government hasn't forgotten the knack of squandering more of the taxpayers money on BAe!
  11. Go read the thread in the Inf forum: the consensus appears to be that it is 'actually rather good'...

    Link for lazy people:

    Bulldog discussion
  12. My troops in Hohne refused to go to the Deutche Panzer museum up the road...

    ... because the exhibits were newer than the 432's we were driving around the Panzer Ring Strasse!

    Having said that - they do travel a bit faster now wth new suspension units and engines.
  13. Heh... during the pre deployment train up, a buddy of mine who's a first sergeant in the National Gaurd was quite angry that half his unit's M113s were deadlined for lack of parts so he took a group of mechanics out to the impact area to cannibalize what parts they could off of M113s being used as target vehicles... thankfully those tracks were left behind when they went to the sand box and they took possession of the departing unit's Bradleys.