Up yours Nigel!

"The research was done by doctors from the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh and St John's Hospital in Livingston." - no shock there then.

Are you sure the Doctor didn't say "the Scots are the biggest dicks in Europe"?
Must have been an interesting medical trial this one. I can't believe the Scots were beaten into 2nd place however by the cheese eating surrender monkeys .... that is just so wrong :frown:

Wha's like us? Scottish men have bigger willies, according to doctors - The Daily Record
Frenchmen have the biggest cocks!!! Or are they just the biggest liars?

I've just been pondering the giants of the male porn stars scene, John Holmes, that scruffy little American bloke with a paunch and Long dong silva. I can't remember any Pepe le Phews or powerful Pierres amongst them!
The darkie population must have shot up in Scotland then?
A big cock and testicles are overrated anyway.
that scruffy little American bloke with a paunch and Long dong silva.

The scruffy Yank, it's probably Ron Jeremy, I believe some female porn stars have a clause that they won't do him, due to hygiene problems, but they will do animals. I might have dreamed that as I don't know anything about porn.

I recollect that Long Dong Silva may have benefited from a prosthetic extension, but I could be wrong, see above.

As for the Scots, a combination of the two I would think.
There was also research done to see why a penis has a bell end.

The British spent £500,000 and came to the conclusion it was to provide pleasure to women during sex.

The French spent 1,000,000 Euros and concluded it was to provide men with pleasure during sex.

The Australians spent $5 on a jazz mag and concluded it was to stop your hand sliding off the end.

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