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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Crab_Cadet, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. Ok, one day Bliar wakes up in No. 10 and realises he has grown a spine and developed a conscience.

    H e suddenly realises all the sh*t he's given the Forces and to say sorry rings Gordon,

    Bliar: Hi Gordon its Tony
    Brown: WTF do you want?
    Bliar: Well i just had a sudden feeling, a bad feeling. Its weird
    Brown: I'm the F*cking Chancellor, not your F*cking counciller
    Cherie: TONY, Do you want your eggs sunny side up?
    Bliar: Shut the f*ck up, I'm on the phone to Gordan
    Brown: erm Tone?
    Bliar: Sorry Gordan... anyway about this feeling
    Brown: Oh yeah
    Bliar: Yes, I feel like I've let our servicemen down
    Brown: So, What do you want me to do
    Bliar: well could you increase the defence budget
    Brown: No £23billion is enough
    Bliar: Go on gordan, another £100billion
    Brown: What about immigrants and the NHS
    Bliar: F*ck immigrants, and slash managers in the NHS
    Brown: Ok £100billion is made for Defence budget
    Bliar: excellent
    Brown: Now you've Grown a spine, can you tell Bush to F*ck off
    Bliar: ........ *puts phone down*

    So the scene is set and Blair has appointed you to allocate funds and purchase equipment. The MoD has been disbanded and the forces are self- sufficient.

    What would you purchase/improve/scrap?
  2. 1) Scrap PFI agreements. If you want to make extra money out of military equipment on top of the mark-up, sell it to approved end-users overseas.

    2) Buy more C17 Globemasters, Hercules, A400M etc. Basically lets beef up the longrange logistics seeing as the b.astards are gonna keep sending troops all over the world at least have the common decency to keep the adequately supplied.

    3) Reinstate all of the infantry battalions that have been axed since options for change. Recruiting problems can be at least partially alleviated by increasing wages and improving benefits and accomodation arrangments. Oh yeah and food. The military is overstretched, it needs a little slack.

    Hows that for a start?
  3. 1. More cargo aircraft

    2. A proper heavy APC - like that Israeli Achzarit

    3. More amphibious warfare assets.

    4. A decent air defence solution.

    5. More heavy armour
  4. adding my two penneth....

    a) Get rid of Sodexho
    b) Get more armour...
    c) Give the armed forces crown immunity again
    d) Buy a few hundred chinooks
    e) Scrap all the shitty kit we issue to the TA (30 yr old landrovers etc)
    f) The infantry bit has already been mentioned
    g) Give the airforce a long rang bomber option
    h) Buy back all the training areas that we're selling to pay for DFID, NHS computer systems, Immigrants,

    ... what do we actually spend our money on....800 shiny new police cars for Iraq?.... pity we didn't spend more of it on Body Armour on Telic 1...

    I) A fleet of logistic support vessels so we could get kit into theatre...
    J) Buy BAe / Royal ordinance.... why fund shareholders? and we'd get kit at the right price
    K) Buy a company that nows how to negotiate f'ing contracts... we were charged £150 last week for changing a frigging IP address...that must be at least 1 minutes worth of work....and we're still being charged £500 a handset for 30yr old Clansmen pressel's

    rant ends
  5. Terminate civi contracts, Expand Forces, reactivate old bases, re-raise historic regiments, Replace SA-80, Buy new aircraft for RAF, New vessels for Navy and improve capabilities of existing vessels.
  6. You still using the A1? :?
  7. Bring back National Service, fcuk human rights, our forces will be brimmimg with eager well trained squaddies and when their times up they'll return to society as more rounded individuals as opposed to chav scum-bags thus costing less to the tax payer to administer their crime riddled 'careers' leaving more money for, you guessed it, MOD budget and so the cycle continues.... need full stop, can't breath....

  8. L98a1 yes, why? :D
  9. Sack the cadets and OTC.

    Keep the A2 ( note correct designation you civvie fcuk).