Up to date info on 21, 23, 63 sigs....?

Hi all...

I'm looking for up to date info on 21, 23 and 63 sigs? I'm aware that there are some changes and movements in the pipeline at the moment... I'm just after some basic info on what the state of play is with recruiting and the general process?

PM would be preferred...

Many thanks all.
Ring them and ask... there’s no guarantee that anything you’re told on here or by pm is accurate.

Also be aware that your request may well be seen as journalistic fishing, especially given the recent CM and relatively recent inquest.
Thanks for the reply...

I have tried to contact 21 and 23, but to no avail. Messages left and a request for a return call, but nothing as of yet... hence my vague request for info from anyone on this forum. I know ARRSE isn't the best source of info on all matters, but needs must!

And no fear on the journo front. I can just about smell my name.
I suspect that if I were to write for a rag, they would not be in line with my political bent... Jezza C is not my man, and I'm not that keen on Marxism.
Many thanks for the link.
I have tried all of those numbers/emails and had no success. Maybe they're just being very cautious with all of the recent press interest.
Thanks anyway.

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