up to 28 dead teens not looking good for the sweepstake

They'll be dropping each other like flies post chrimbo to nick the trainers they never got off their own crack-whore mothers!!!
saintstone said:
box-of-frogs said:
saintstone said:
Trick said:
saintstone said:
Upto 29 now, only 6 more and I win :D
Ahem, you chose 36, I chose 35.
Must remember to take my socks off next time I try maths :oops:
Do you have 36 toes? 8O

No, I count to ten using my toes, then for each ten I then bend a finger, smart arrse, I don't come from Cornwall or Wales :wink:
You were looking a bit shifty around Carp.D's sword outside the 'Wessie' yesterday - especially when that dodgey demo went past.

Do I detect a self interest splinter group from the Sarf doin a bit of a recce'.