up to 28 dead teens not looking good for the sweepstake

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. They'll be dropping each other like flies post chrimbo to nick the trainers they never got off their own crack-whore mothers!!!
  2. don't forget the christmas eve and new years eve festivities, that should bump up the figures
  3. I wish I could remember how many I predicted.
  4. What was the prize?
  5. Tha satisfaction of knowing you were right and the knowledge that that number of the great unwashed have been removed from the gene pool.
  6. Upto 29 now, only 6 more and I win :D
  7. Balls,I bet 63-can we add suicides to the tally or at least the welsh ones?
    To refresh memories on what you betWeb Page Name
  8. Remember - you're not allowed to add to the score yourself! :twisted:
  9. I went for 33 . . which is still possible methinks. Go for it kids!
  10. Nothing in the rules about sub-contracting. A quick PM and Ill see what I can arrange.

    Do the homeless count?
  11. Come on 40!!!!! I certainly think the xmas festivities could bump up the score! I was hoping for a better return off halloween and bonfire night though. :cry:
  12. No, but politiicans or lawyers are worth double points! :twisted:
  13. Ahem, you chose 36, I chose 35.
  14. Christ, I had 56...... Is it till the end of the tax year?