Up to £1,040 from the taxman

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by JustLoitering, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. I've just been sent this from my financial adviser, I've spoken to HMRC and it is kosher.

    The year before Tax Credits were introduced there was a different non-means tested allowance available which was never advertised by the Inland Revenue.

    It is called the Children’s Tax Allowance for the Year 2002/3.

    You can still claim this tax allowance before the 31 January 2009 deadline.

    You need to phone HMRC on 0845 302 1437 or 0845 366 7810 if self employed, and ask them to check whether you have already received this allowance and, if not, enquire as to what action you need to take.

    You are eligible to claim £520.00 allowance if;

    *You have a child born between 6 April 1986 and 5 April 2003
    *The child lived with you for all or part of 2002/2003
    *You worked and paid tax for all or part of 2002/2003
    *You or your partner earned £6,000 plus in the year 2002/2003 tax year

    You are eligible for the £1,040 allowance if;

    *If you can answer yes to the four questions above, and
    *One of your children was born between 6 April 2002 and 5 April 2003


    *Making a claim does not affect your current or future entitlement to working or Child Tax credits.
    *Your Marital status is irrelevant
    *You cannot claim the allowance twice and if your final tax code on your April 2003 P60 ended in a H or a T, you have already had the allowance.
    *This is an easy claim for you to make so do not get duped into paying someone to do it for you because they are likely to charge a large percentage for their services.
  2. B ugger :evil: Already had it !!!!!
  3. Bugger im not entitled as my kids didnt come to live with me until 2004!!!!
  4. Soz, may be a bum question.....I take it you don't have to be self employed or was I reading it like a mong......
  5. No you don't need to be :D
  6. Not even for one day? :wink:
  7. Just spoke to them and they said you need to phone the local tax office that deals with your tax code.

    ringing now!
  8. Bugger already Claimed it. But i was in credit for £50 which is now winging its way to me :)
  9. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sods law, I have already had it :roll:
  10. Got it back in June and very nice it was too although it was courtesy of a company (whose details I promptly lost) that checks back through your records and see's if you have anything outstanding, then fills out all the paper work for you. Unfortunately I had to give them a cut.
  11. So how many days did they have to be with you over that period stated?
  12. I've no idea, the email I was sent stated "*The child lived with you for all or part of 2002/2003". Unless your other half is inclined to be vindictive then if you were to say x number of days I'd be interested to know how HMRC could prove otherwise.