up in front of the CO and what for

Not these days mate, the morale police is winning the war.
Oh, and up in front of the CO...

I once got 4 days in the guard room for sleeping in on a Saturday. (Long story).
When I were a lad I was escort on orders for a guy in L Bty nicknamed soupdragon, set the scene, party in a pads house in Larkhill, I even remember the address Wilson Road number 23 (she was an estranged wife) monkeys called after a fracas, soupdragon nicked. Next day sproggy me as escort listens to soupdragon explaining himself away, "sorry sir, too pissed to run"

Had to chuckle afterwards.

Myself, banned from the pads quarters in Larkhill at a later date for being a hot blooded 18 year old :oops: :D
Well, when i marched in there he had an old smelly trenchcoat on and was swigging a container of meths whilst grumbling at his scruffy one eyed dog sat in the corner. I think he wanted me to have a go on him but there are plenty in Battalion who'd gladly do that! :lol:
Eight of us kidnapped a skip licker at BIA, gangraped him with our rifle butts in a thunderbox then licked him clean.

We got £50 and three extras - so we raped them too and spent the cash on choggie vodka.

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