Up-front registration fees to recruitment agency

Can anyone who is up-to-date on UK recruitment law advise as to the legality of a "recruiter" wanting to charge an overseas client £500, in advance, to put them forward for a vacancy.

Don't worry, I'm 99% convinced it's a scam and will tell him to hold onto his money but I just wondered if anyone had knowledge of the actual legal bits.

Thanks in advance.
some agencies do charge an up-front fee......a mate of mine was head of NAAFI here in NI and after he took redundancy paid about £4k to get interviews for top management posts.........he secured one on a good salary with a retail outlet
I believe you'll find this is illegal under the Employment Agencies Act 1973 section 6(1). However, that doesn't stop some agencies from trying it on, does it? Tell your mate to agree and that he'll defer the payment until he's found employment. Any fees the agency then claims are completely unenforceable and would subject them to strict legal action.

I have never had to pay an agency fee. They make their money when they place you in a position. Tell them to ram it.

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